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Blog Award Nomination! & 99,356 words

 I’ve been nominated for a couple of blog awards! Awww. Good to know that what basically amounts to my writing-process motivation-containment-system is also being enjoyed by some real humans. 428 more words


Camp NaNoWriMo - Days 21 & 22

Keeping on track with things. The orange part on the graph is moving upwards, completely covering the yellow :D.

I’m getting there.

I will reach this goal. 11 more words

Camp Nanowrimo

Nothing a Little Run Can't Fix

Once more onto the beach, or however that saying goes.

I dutifully took my two weeks(ish?) off from SERIOUS writing to let the mind decompress and drift back into its natural jellylike state after four months of grind, but today is the day I pick it up again and continue whipping my word-vomit into something approaching Prose Worth Reading. 1,174 more words


UNGUARDED: Book Two in the "Faces of the War" Collection


I am now more than halfway complete with Part I of UNGUARDED, the second book in my “Faces of the War” collection!

I sent the first portion of Part I off to my editor for proofing while I continue writing. 276 more words


For Sale:

Heart for sale. Damaged. Needs fixing.

Written in response to Thain in Vain’s Week 29 prompt: Create a six-word story about anything you love to write about.

Aspiring Writer

Nancy: Interval Training for Creativity

The early months of 2014 were not ideal fitness months for me. I wasn’t working out as regularly or intensively as I should have been. For the summer, I’ve made a commitment to get myself back into physical shape, which includes using  347 more words

Writers' Wellbeing

...and the power of confessing in public

Leanne Neanne and my wife over at dot2trot are big inspirations.  Yesterday, Dot posted her weekly weigh-in, and today I got my notification from Leanne that she’d also posted something. 154 more words

Just Cool