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The Progress Journal

Have you ever been so consumed by a project that you can’t stop yourself from writing?┬áIt’s one of the greatest feelings a writer can have, knowing that you’re tapping into your potential and expressing yourself in the fullest. 506 more words

Writing Tips

Must Have the Precious

Maybe it was the irregular sleep chart patterns. Maybe it was finding that everyone around me was simply breathing too loudly, or too close to me, or that their eyelids made noises when they moved. 590 more words

Accountability Wednesdays: Week 33

I wanted to add this quick message to thank everyone for the outpouring of support over my post this morning. Ryan and I were not close, but he was always a total sweetheart to me and I genuinely believe that the world is a little better for having had him in it. 874 more words


Weekly Word Count

Lately, I have been setting myself goals of getting about 3,000 words written per week. I want to know how that falls in with everyone else. 318 more words


The Eternal Struggle of Word Count

Ello everyone!

I’ve talked about this a couple of times before, but it’s becoming more and more prevalent as time goes on – and now, the school year is really starting to get kicked off so I wanted to touch on it again. 561 more words


Early-onset perfectionist leanings

I’m currently writing an assignment on health determinants and health inequity, weaving in examples from my experience. Rather a large topic for 1500 words – I’ve done more than that already and I’ve only done the first quarter… … 73 more words



A constant presence.

Portal of information and entertainment.

Bearer of news both good and bad.

Secretly bleeding you of time and energy.

Turn the bloody thing off. 64 more words

Aspiring Writer