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Educational Easter Eggs

I’ve discovered some fun and educational ways to use those hollow plastic Easter eggs.

I made word family eggs out of one set. (If you don’t know what word families are, I explain them in… 169 more words

Word Families!

We’ve just launched Word Families, a new phonics-based series aimed at helping children learn to read. Each story teaches a different word family such as “at,” “et,” “it,” “og,” “ut.” Simple “flashcards” placed at the beginning of each story provide lots of practice: 138 more words


Reading Word Families

Nicholas is not a reader. Ironically, he has always loved letters and phonics, learning to sound out 3- and 4-letter words with ease more than a year ago. 302 more words

Education Unfettered

Word Families Memory Game

I made a memory game! You know, the game where the cards are all turned upside-down, players take turns flipping over two cards at a time, and if you get a matching pair you get to keep it and it gives you a point. 392 more words