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Alchemy n. 1. A power or process of transforming something common into something special. 2. An inexplicable or mysterious process by which paradoxical results are achieved with no obvious rational explanation.

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WOTD: Content

Content: State of finally being happy with the here and now

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Today’s word of the day is OBARMATE.


obarmate v 1623 -1658
to arm against
SENTENCE:  Let us obarmate ourselves for the upcoming battle against the Mongols!

Word Of The Day

Lord Counsel Me


“Thou shalt guide me with thy counsel, and afterward receive me to glory.”
Psalm 73:24

The Psalmist felt his need of divine guidance. He had just been discovering the foolishness of his own heart, and lest he should be constantly led astray by it, he resolved that God’s counsel should henceforth guide him. 664 more words

Word Of The Day

September 2, 2014


Collop is a noun meaning either a 1) a small piece or slice especially of meat, or 2) a fold of fat flesh.

Bertha really should have reconsidered a different bathing suit as her many… 9 more words

Word Of The Day

Word of the Day. Libricide. The killing of a book

The ‘killing’ of a book.

Etymology:  < Latin libr-, liberbook + -cide comb. form2



1856   W. Blair Chron. Aberbrothock iv. 11   Milton ranks libricide or book-slaughter with homicide or man-slaughter.


Word of the Day: "Pundit"


Pundit n. 1. Somebody who expresses an opinion: somebody who acts as a critic or authority on a particular subject, especially in the media. “The election results threw the political  45 more words