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나는 ..해요 (Naneun... haeyo) [Word of the Day Series]

안녕하세요? (Annyeonghaseyo?)

Today we’re going to talk about expressing feelings. It is important to be able to express how you feel when you’re learning a language. 237 more words


Word and Quote of the Day (#1)

Bibliobibuli – Refers to people who read too much 

Yes this is a word/term. It was coined by American Humorist H.L. Mencken in 1957. Though I don’t believe that you can read too much, Mencken did stating… 62 more words


Word of the Day: vojnik

Serbian word: војник / vojnik
English translation: soldier
Gender: masculine
Use in sentence: Budi ti hrabar kao vojniku.

Serbian Alphabet

We are begotten again unto a lively hope!


“And of his fulness have all we received.”
John 1:16

These words tell us that there is a fulness in Christ. There is a fulness of essential Deity, for “in him dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead.” There is a fulness of perfect manhood, for in him, bodily, that Godhead was revealed. 669 more words

Word Of The Day

Word of the Day: Aesthetic

Aesthetic (adj.): “1.a. Of, relating to, or dealing with aesthetics or the beautiful. <aesthetic theories> b. Artistic. <a work of aesthetic value> c. Pleasing in appearance; attractive. 22 more words

Word Of The Day