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How Crucial A Time

I was walking outside my apartment and I saw that somebody had let their dog mess and didn’t clean it up. And I thought why would they just leave that there knowing good and well we can’t have dogs. 189 more words


"Gajok", "Saram", "eun/neun", and "-do" [Word of the Day Series]

So internet is back to normal!! (Yay!) Thanks for your patience. Starting on Monday, I will start using hangul for the WOTD series. I’ll still add the romanization on the side for a while and then I’m not using it anymore. 523 more words


God comforts those who are persecuted

How do things look to you today?

“The wicked will not rule the godly, for then the godly might be forced to do wrong.”

Psalm 125:3… 272 more words

Word Of The Day

Hallux is a noun meaning either 1) the big toe of humans and most primates, or 2) the comparable, usually backward-directed digit in birds.

Jesse caught his left… 7 more words

Word Of The Day

Word of the Day: "Copacetic"

  1. copacetic




The crowd cheered when they saw that all was copacetic with their favorite running back. 72 more words



Rebarbative is an adjective describing something repellent, irritating  or bothersome. To remember this word, think “A barber removes an itchy beard.” The words rebarba… 59 more words


(Lovely) Word of the Day: My·co·phil·i·a

<bear cub takes mushroom>
noun →  a love for mushrooms.

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“Fill your mind with lovely things”
<three rivers deep> 93 more words