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Word 1 of the Weekend: mishap

Why is it useful? Unfortunately, accidents happen! Bad luck may be around us, so this word is handy to have. In fact, a mishap just happened to me: I dropped all my laundry soap! :(
Courtesy: Merriam-Webster’s Learners Dictionary



A fitting word for this Passover-Easter season, gifted to us by Susan Mesinai, a woman of many lives, many descriptions. I’ll choose one:  WordWarrior. 585 more words

Word Of The Day

Word of the Day

agnize (ag-NAHYZ, AG-nahyz) verb 1. to recognize; acknowledge; own.

Word Of The Day

오늘의 어휘



예문 연습: 이 천장의 모자이크 세공은 공들인 작품이라고 생각해요.

Word Of The Day

Goodness on Good Friday

I struggle to sleep in. It is one of the downfalls of having a job where you are required to wake up semi-early. Yet today I was able to get back to sleep not once but twice, it was a thing of beauty; resting my beautiful eyes until almost 9:30am! 440 more words

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Word of the Day: Nostrum

“When Trina came down with the flu, Old Bill suggested the nostrum of an onion peel and honey.”


: a questionable medicine or remedy.

~ per Merriam-Webster