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Word of the Week: last-minute

This week myself and the munchkins were meant to be going up to Suffolk to visit my great friend who we had been meaning to visit back at the beginning of June but had to postpone due to the untimely onset of chicken pox. 588 more words

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Getting Drunk the Chinese Way

Word of the Week: hē jiǔ

In English the word “drink” has alcoholic connotations (“I went drinking last night”, “he drinks a lot”). However, in Chinese you have to combine the verb drink, hē 喝, with the word for alcohol, jiǔ 酒. 536 more words

Word Of The Week


In the words of the Lego movie


This is my word of the week which has been graciously chosen by my boys. …

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Word of the Week: Non-Stop!!

Anyone who read my Week so far… post on Tuesday will know that I was on track for a busy one! What with outings and sightseeing and shopping it was a rest to go back to work on Wednesday! 247 more words

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Word of the Week: xiǎo xīn


xiǎo xīn 小心 the floor is wet, xiǎo xīn 小心 a low bridge, xiǎo xīn 小心 Chinese food.

If you spend any amount of time in China it no doubt won’t  be long before you see signs saying xiǎo xīn 小心, usually badly mistranslated as signs instructing you to carefully bump your head, carefully slide or carefully fall over. 151 more words

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My word this week has been BOREDOM

We haven’t really done much this week with the kids and have to basically stayed at home due to the bad weather and because the kids didn’t want to go out. 290 more words

Word Of The Week

Word Of The Week - Monday 11th August

Taradiddle (tah – rah – dih – dull)

This noun means a small fib.

Warning: this word is to only be used if you want to sound like a pretentious fool or a drunk sailor.   66 more words

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