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Word Of The Week - Monday 20th October

Bumbershoot (buhm-ber-shoot)

This noun means an umbrella.

What can I really say about this word?  I probably wouldn’t go around saying it willy-nilly, but it really is a fantastic word.   260 more words

Emily Says


Unfortunately this week my word is arguments.

T has hi thus peek this week and is giving us the full preteen preview of what our life is going to be like in a couple of years. 246 more words

Word Of The Week

Word of the Week: Canapé

I realized that there are a lot of culinary terms out there. A lot of them. Most of the time, if seen in context I can suss them out using reading or conversational cues, but I would be hard pressed to define them on the spot. 205 more words


Chicago Word of the Week

What are those things called? You know… People wear them on their feet. They come with laces. Fit kind of snug. Michael Jordan has his own line of them. 224 more words

Why Don’t Chinese People Like Salty Pig Hands?

Word of the Week : xián zhū shoǔ

Anyone who has spent time in China will have probably noticed that some Chinese food is tripe. That’s not an insult; some Chinese food is literally tripe. 280 more words

Word Of The Week


My word for this week is routine.

I know to many this word will seem really late as school started over a month ago. But September and start of October in this house is always a super busy time and trying to put a serious routine in place. 304 more words

Word Of The Week