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Word Of The Week - Monday 15th September

Bafflegab (baf-uhl-gab)

This noun means unintelligible jargon.

Great for when a certain someone is seriously getting on your nerves and you desperately want peace and quiet. 85 more words

Emily Says

Word of the week: Unplanned

After recent weeks of hyper planning for birthday parties and JJ’s first week at school, uniform and wrapping and baking, this last week I have let it go a bit. 183 more words

Thoughts On Life In General

Mid-Autumn Festival

Word of the Week: yuè bǐng

A large part of traditional Chinese festivals seems to be eating a particular dish or snack. Since today is the mid-autumn festival (zhōng qiū jié) we thought it would be a good idea to look at some tasty mooncakes (yuè bǐng 月饼) 215 more words

Word Of The Week

This week’s Word of the Week

At Southam College we are determined that everyone is the best that they can be. One of the ways we want students to achieve this is through using ambitious vocabulary, and with this in mind we have a ‘word of the week’. 33 more words

Literacy Focus

Word of the week: Arrrrrgghhhh!

(Said in a Pirate stylee!). Or the word of the week could equally be ‘big’ or ‘school’ or transition as Wednesday was JJ’s first day of Reception class at his new infant school and he loved it! 215 more words

Word Of The Week

Word of the Week: last-minute

This week myself and the munchkins were meant to be going up to Suffolk to visit my great friend who we had been meaning to visit back at the beginning of June but had to postpone due to the untimely onset of chicken pox. 588 more words

Family Life

Getting Drunk the Chinese Way

Word of the Week: hē jiǔ

In English the word “drink” has alcoholic connotations (“I went drinking last night”, “he drinks a lot”). However, in Chinese you have to combine the verb drink, hē 喝, with the word for alcohol, jiǔ 酒. 536 more words

Word Of The Week