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Doing two things at once

Word of the week: yī biān

In this fast-paced world don’t we all live a multi-task life style? Describing two things that are undertaken at the same time in Chinese might be a challenge if you don’t know what sentence pattern to use. 183 more words

Word Of The Week

Word of the Week: Aperitif

Booze menus might as well be written in Martian. I’m starting to learn the things that I like, but I don’t really drink enough to have developed a deep understanding of different alcohol types, tastes or words. 263 more words

Word Of The Week

Chicago Word of the Week

So, this weeks word of the week is gangway.

When many people hear that word, the come up with a few definitions of their own. 101 more words


Arguing With People in Chinese

Word of the week: lǎo zǐ

If you refer to yourself in the third person in English it will usually sound a bit strange or perhaps even pretentious, depending on the context. 359 more words

Word Of The Week

Power [Wednesday Word Day]

Rebecca and I are rekindling Wednesday Word Days (or at least trying to – this probably won’t last very long, we’re not very good at routine!) 199 more words


Chicago Word of the Week

This week’s Chicago Word of the Week is all about transportation!

When asking how you should get around in chicago, most people will recommend taking the “L”.  59 more words


Xia Si Wo le! Scaring People to Death in Mandarin

Word of the Week: xià sǐ wǒ le

If your Halloween costume is particularly scary you might xià sǐ 吓死 some people. xià 吓 means to scare or give a fright and sǐ 死 means to die.  260 more words

Word Of The Week