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Italian word of the week: Pasqua

So I am officially on holiday until I have to go back to work on the 28th. One of the perks of being a Comenius assistant is the holidays! 69 more words





Is an extreme or irrational fear of heights.

Even though  I enjoy climbing I am terrified of heights. Oddly enough I’ve found that a lot of climbers are afraid of heights (at least to begin with). 34 more words

Word Of The Week

Word of the Week, Zenme yang

Zěnmeyàng (怎么样) is a very useful word, partly because the meaning is quite broad. Zěnme 怎么 means “how” and yàng 样 means “appearance”. Put together the phrase can be translated as “how does that appear?” 205 more words

Word Of The Week


This week I have been reminiscing and writing a few little notes as part of my rekindled love of letter writing.  This rekindled love has been, well rekindled, in the form of… 267 more words

Literally Speaking

Word of the Week

OVERWHELMED – have a strong emotional effect on.

We have found out this week that 6yo has coeliac disease. He already has a nut free diet due to a nasty allergy. 221 more words

Word Of The Week

Italian word of the week: brivido

A new week another word.

The word: Brivido [ˈbrivido] 

What does it mean? It means shiver/shudder/thrill.

Why is it my word of the week? Last week I was standing with one of the English teachers waiting to go into a class. 79 more words


Word of the Week: Panacea

Every week, I pick a different word and write a story around it. Usually, they’re funny. In a not-funny kind of way. You get it. 1,767 more words