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Word of the week

My word of the week this week is


Three of my lot, the 17, 15 and 12 year olds have been away, they are on a church camping trip from last monday to this sunday and my house has been…

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Patience #WotW

It’s been a long week. The week-end was a bit boring, as on Friday night, my computer suddenly caught a bug or one that had been there all along was activated. 427 more words


Word of the Week: Energy

What is energy?

Essentially, energy is something that “cannot be created or destroyed, but only changed from one form into another or transferred from one object to another”. 477 more words

Word Of The Week

Word of the Week

My Word of the Week this week is:

We’ve had lots of family time this week, its been brill!  On Monday it was Eid so we had a family day out at Gulliver’s Word and a lovely meal out in the evening.  56 more words

Word Of The Week

Being stretched to the limit but holding it all together... just!

Quite honestly, my word of the week can only be …

…because I have been pulled in all directions, I have snapped, I have been wrapped around little fingers, I have been stretched in every way, shape and form imaginable, I have pinged back and ‘lost it’ but then more importantly, I have kept it all together. 173 more words


Serendipity [Word Wednesday]

The weekly wordplay has been decided on Wednesday. Because… alliteration and stuff.

I gave Rebecca metamorphosis. In return I got serendipity (kinda poetic, doncha think?) 501 more words


Word of the Week…en français

Chenail Ecarte

chenail /ʃənaj/ (variant of chenal): channel
ecarte (écarté) /ekaʀte/: out-of-the-way, remote

A river and place-name in Ontario. The word ‘chenail’ is not found in European French, but is said to be current in Joual. 119 more words

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