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Reading the Comics, September 15, 2014: Are You Trying To Overload Me Edition

One of the little challenges in writing about mathematics-themed comics is one of pacing: how often should I do a roundup? Posting weekly, say, helps figure out a reasonable posting schedule for those rare moments when I’m working ahead of deadline, but that leaves the problem of weeks that just don’t have anything. 992 more words


Weekly Math Review - Week of Sept. 8

We had another amazing week in math class this past week.  Our two review focuses were place value and rounding.  We were able to take a math “fieldtrip” to the back playground and see a hands on rounding demonstration.   190 more words

Two Unknowns

Our pre-algebra course Only Uses One Variable, thank you, …

… students are confronted with the infamous “PersonA is 3 older than PersonB.  The sum of their ages is 50″  … with a few more words and obfuscations… 113 more words

Two Variable

The Girl that Changed Me

I recently had the opportunity to hang out with an old girlfriend.  She was my first crush. She heavily influenced the person I am today.  Periodically I would think about her but she launched herself back into my life about a month ago… and I’m smitten! 681 more words

Strategy Development

Common Core

Let’s be honest. If you are like me, the whole common core thing seems a bit Orwellian. Purportedly, the History aspects of Common Core are a bit revisionist but I don’t have personal knowledge of that. 203 more words


This will most likely become a recurring title. Every time something bothers me I’ll come back to it. I should probably just put a number after it now, but I won’t. 516 more words

Word Problems

I’m teaching a new class for our school this year – Financial Literacy. It’s a course for seniors who are not interested in (or we didn’t think they should be taking) AP Stats or Pre-Calc, which are our only other options for senior math. 859 more words