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Reblog: Putting Bill Gates in Proportion

Here’s a blast from the Let’s Play Math! blog archives: Seven years ago, one of my math club students was preparing for a speech contest. His mother emailed me to check some figures, which led to a couple of blog posts on solving proportion problems. 410 more words

Word Problems

Random Comments About Learning Mathematics

I Googled “Math Quotes Story Problems” today and got this:

Accessed at http://www.pinterest.com/pin/200339883394174796/. No, I don’t have a pinterest account. That is just where Google took me. 721 more words

Conceptual Understanding

Throwing out that old RUCSAC

Experts, say Hattie and Yates, see and represent problems on a deeper level, whereas novices focus on superficial aspects. With this in mind, take a closer look at one of the most prevalent strategies for solving problems: 551 more words


Changing the Unknown

Think about the majority of K-2 students and the thought process they go through when encountering a word problem. Normally they read the problem focusing solely on the two quantities and engage in a game of craps.   523 more words

Word Problems

Chips for All Seasons

Yesterday’s lesson with Katie and Varya consisted of exploring various ways of using colorful game chips for doing fun math.  The first activity involved dividing the chips between the doll Nina and the bear Stanford according to specified rules (I specifically didn’t want to divide them between Katie and Varya so that no one would get upset when the amounts were unequal).  336 more words

Area: Keeping the Context Real and Making Math Accessible

Our 3rd grade team has been working on area the past few days.  This team of teachers is awesome to work with because (A.) they put up with me and (B.) their willingness to try “new ideas” and push themselves as educators.  843 more words

Patient Problem Solving