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This will most likely become a recurring title. Every time something bothers me I’ll come back to it. I should probably just put a number after it now, but I won’t. 516 more words

Word Problems

I’m teaching a new class for our school this year – Financial Literacy. It’s a course for seniors who are not interested in (or we didn’t think they should be taking) AP Stats or Pre-Calc, which are our only other options for senior math. 859 more words


Gettin' Schooled

Fun fact #34: word problems were the bane of my existence in high school…and lately it seems like I can’t seem to get away from them… 656 more words


Do Things You're Good At, k?

“You should really focus and work on your weaknesses.”


It’s an ideal that’s been pounded into our brains from an early age. At face value, it makes sense. 635 more words

PGP + Real World

Reading the Perimeter of a Rectangle Formula

Reading Formulas can make or break how a student comprehends the formula when alone – outside the presence of the teacher, instructor, tutor, or parent. 158 more words


Reading Formulas - Area of Circle


Reading Formulas can make or brake how a student comprehends their formula’s outside the presence of the teacher or tutor.

Incorrect ways to read the formula are as follows: 136 more words


One Of The Most Brilliant Things I've Ever Read

Going through math thinking, this stuff is so easy, and then you get to the test and it’s full of questions like,

If I throw a triangle out of a car and the car is going 20 mph, and wind resistance is a thing that exists, then how many cupcakes can Pedro buy with one human soul? 144 more words