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Is it wrong to ask
I want to know if you miss me
Am I different or am I the same
I thought we connected… 25 more words


Fingers stained with crimson red blood.

I did it.

A voice in his head uttered.

He inhaled deeply, steadying the fast beating of his heart, but failed drastically. 240 more words

My mother made coffee for me.
I have had no sleep;
there is a storm surge
of caffeine and feelings
taking a wild course through my veins. 146 more words

And So It Begins

There are so many challenges to being a writer and two of the ones that bug me the most are:

1. Never being able to get your stuff out there. 208 more words

Online Journal

Writer's Block: Name it to Tame it.

Something that has always annoyed and baffled me is being told that writers block doesn’t exist; that it’s an excuse, a myth.
I think that that attitude is unhelpful, especially to someone sitting in front of their computer for the nth day in a row, howling in frustration that the words aren’t coming. 1,542 more words

i wanted our story to be a poem
but we ended up being a
vast collection of broken thoughts,
blurred words and skewed metaphors.

I am the happiest
person in the world.

But you know what’s
the saddest thing I
ever said?

“I like walking in the
rain so that no one
can see me crying.”