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The Return of Human Decency

I have hopes for the return of human decency though some could argue that humans were never decent. With the advent of the internet and anonymous postings people say whatever they think and feel. 264 more words

The L Word

And no, we’re not talking about love.

Lust of the flesh is a serious stronghold. It’s one that I have struggled with for years while I’ve been… 711 more words


The Good Life

The Good Life

I can see people smiling to the sun
Every day, when they wake
A good day has begun
No more war, no more rain… 131 more words



on long expandialated tables, after a dragged out summer day, the fish can be heard reciting poetry at the bar on 34th and 6th street, with crickets in the near distance with Big Saturn rising. 81 more words


✿ Sophrosyne

I love discovering new words. Sophrosyne. It’s a noun that means a healthy state of mind characterized by self control, moderation, and deep awareness of one’s true self, resulting in… 97 more words

New Blog


The root word: “Gen” —- meaning: birth, production, creation.

Eugenic: Relating to the improvement of a race; making the people created better (eu).

Generate: To produce/create. 16 more words