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humble yourself completely.

He gives me grace enough to look beyond what I see. And I saw that I was not humble enough.

I asked God to help me and He spoke, through my devotions and the verse of the day: … 206 more words


for those in need of nothing

Let us reason together shall we? You, the intellectual in need of nothing; to include, faith in God above, or hell beneath (reserved for such ignorance), family ties, friendships, or the belief given to any resemblance of a structured discipline. 31 more words

"Gems of Grace"

“Gems of Grace”

How immeasurable; the spiritual riches of God’s Word
Precious Gems of Grace; His Treasures to be explored
Designed to empower and to properly equip the saints… 74 more words


#OGS Occasional #Vocabulary Word Series: NEOLOGISM

Neologism: n., a new word, meaning, usage, or phrase.

Enjoy, learners.



More tough sledding. I’ve spent the past week devoid of any ideas or even creative thoughts. Perhaps over-caffeination is to blame. Or maybe I’m a luddite and my days would be better spent hammering nails in to wood. 36 more words


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