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Afterthought 1—Outtake

Nothing personal, I'm just keeping it straight
the way you wanted, how you asked it to be
so you could be left alone, condemning me
for not being good enough for you to accept
as the lies you tell of me, the waste you hate
you making of me, that nothing you stepped
over in me. 20 more words
Nothing Special

A Cosmic Reverberation Left Unsung

A Cosmic Reverberation Left Unsung

Written October 14, 2014

Like a supernova,
My soul exploded ages ago.

Its primordial power radiates
the timeless,
black… 33 more words


All Are And Should be God's Temple

The seniority of Jesus over Moses is a clear indication of the greatness of grace over the law. As in Galatians 5:14 (for the entire law is fulfilled in keeping this one commandment. 643 more words



Once written edge to edge
a letter brimming

Shadows cast cut-out spellings
and incantations of “inch buy inch”

Coaxed and buttoned up
By vested interests… 61 more words




you came a over a year ago in the form of a poetry slam,

you traveled back through time

like a fly hitting a windshield in reverse, 360 more words


The Dreaded N Word: Normal

I urge you to reserve judgment until the end of the article because if you don’t read the whole thing you will think I’m a huge d-bag. 943 more words

Social Issues

Monday Funday

Fitness First:

Week two – Day one // Chest – Triceps – Core – Cardio


Dumbbell Fly

– 3 sets

T Push ups no weight… 335 more words