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Walk the walk, Write the talk

Flesch’s Readability Formula is a strategy that is vastly underutilized. According to our textbook, Flesch “suggested that people who write the way they talk will be able to write better.” (Seitel, 2011) This theory, paired with a little creativity, can change the way that a writer comes across to audiences. 259 more words

Public Relations

Posted 1997.

A wooded path divided was;
Both routes had been seen.
So I honed my tools and wits -
I carved a path between.

I wanted that recorded; it’s been with me for years. 140 more words


北京的IKEA / Beijing IKEA


What I think I said:
Today is the 3rd day in Beijing. I wanted to buy something, so I went to Beijing’s IKEA. The Chinese IKEA and American IKEA are similar, but the Chinese IKEA has more people.

21 more words

Suck it, Tomorrow.

I’m stronger than tomorrow.
Aren’t you?

Then why are you still here?

Complain; bitch; throw your frustrations to the wind!
It’s the human condition! 130 more words


Record Skritch

Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow again
If you’re beside me at the club, then you’re next to a friend
Take a hit, take a puff, take a shot, maybe then… 155 more words


Whoever vs. whomever

Whoever vs. whomever

Dear reader, do you find these two words confusing?

If you do, let’s try to get the difference:

Firstly, whoever and whomever work the same way as who and whom. 206 more words

"Who" vs "Whom"

Are you often confused by these two pronouns, “who” and “whom?” If so, just know you’re not alone. There are thousands of professional writers who’ll pause for minutes to figure out which word between the two fits a particular sentence perfectly well. 343 more words