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Vertigo Sky Lounge Chicago

Has anyone ever been to Vertigo Sky Lounge Chicago at the Dana Hotel?

I would love to have my birthday party here, but I do not know anyone that has partaken the Vertigo experience (lol).   129 more words



I was introduced to Vemma recently by a friend and I thought it was a really neat and innovative product. Vemma offers a variety of nutritional supplements. 504 more words

Social Customer Service - COM0011 - Blog #4

Remember how customer service with big companies felt like just a few short years ago?

Today, if we were to experience poor customer service as shown in the video above, you would most likely see a frenzy of people recording these events with their smartphones and posting them to their YouTube, Twitter and Facebook feeds! 413 more words

No one Perfect

“No ones perfect…so why judge and hate, but i guess that what being human is … putting others down to just feel better about oneself. Not thinking about the side affect it will cause.

148 more words

Living in the YOLO-sphere

I think life is made up of a multitude of YOLO moments.

For those of you out there not familiar with the phrase that has swept the world, let me introduce you to the teeny boppers favourite hashtag. 261 more words


It's Not About the Product

Do you remember when the best idea you could have for a business was to build a better mousetrap? And then the world would beat a path to your door…right? 278 more words


Empty space

Yo, another #seventhlinepoetry piece, when creativity knocks… Open the door.

Sitting here waiting on you

In a space full of strangers

Confined to this designated space… 25 more words