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København pt. 1

Late night bike rides, hidden bars, cobblestone streets, amazing architecture and mouthwatering food, just a few of the things that come to mind when thinking of the Danish capital. 273 more words


Don't look left.

Being an Australian when travelling I think has more perks than downfalls. While we each have our stereotypes and live up to most of them, who new that the things ingrained into me since childhood would be my downfall in this foreign land. 422 more words


Oh the Swedish irony

Being from the land of IKEA myself I found this commercial really funny because nowadays everything is supposed to be all tech, people downloading  apps, being online all the time but we don’t appreciate the simplicity in life as we did before.   24 more words


Food Flashbacks

How do we come to eat where we do?

There are many obvious and practical reasons as to why we eat in one place and not another. 593 more words


The power of the consumer...

As a consumer, it is an exciting world to live in. We now have more power and more choice when buying goods and services. We also have access to many products and services online, allowing us to shop around for the best deal. 488 more words