Welcome to Splendid Mush!

Welcome to my blog: Splendid Mush! What’s changed? Not much. What’s new? Some stuff. Why the link? Cause why not!? So, I decided to register this WordPress blog 4 realz, to what you can see now: splendidmush.com. 196 more words

Today In History

How to Start a Website

After spending countless hours on the internet searching for ways to make those hours meaningful, you’ve ended up here. Making a website is everyone’s dream. With these 3 steps, you’ll know everything you need to know to fulfill your life’s work. 392 more words

Creating A Website

Long time no see

I have recently gotten back into the hobby of wanting to own a blog and while I have always had various blogs WordPress was one that I had forgotten about. 225 more words

Check out this blog

Check out “The Backroom”– a new blog. Fascinating and fearless.



Now online: www.danacorg.com

Not being able to costumize and design your blog the way you want can get very annoying especially if you’re the kind of person that enjoys doing so. 138 more words


Know the Necessary Elements for an Effective Website


Online Marketing Guy Steve Laurvick with consultant Dr. Jerry Dreessen on tips on knowing the necessary elements to be used for an effective website. Then, SEO on the websites that you built still matters. 83 more words