New stuff coming

Guys it’s been crazy with having a new baby in the HomeGrown Mics family but I’m back on the grind and baby Dominic is gonna help me too

Bryan Meteny

Moving to ATL: A Re-branding

As part of the exfoliation process, I have chosen to lose my first Not Another Cat Lady “skin” and reveal the more vibrant, personal brand. From my logo to  bios on all my social media platforms (see right side column for a list), I decided to not just say who I am, but honestly describe what I live on the day-to-day. 89 more words

Atlanta, GA

Happy Anniversary to Me! Yea!

This is like walking in to a hotel room & finding mints or chocolate on your pillow. A very pleasant and in this case – totally unexpected surprise!. 18 more words


Oh Yet Oh Yes---#poetry



Oh the Love

Love here, now

Oh love oh yet

Yet is now


Oh yet, oh yes

Yet is now

Oh yet is yet… 77 more words


Our old blog

I’m in the process of importing our old wordpress blog into this site. That means the posts we wrote on our old blog will be readable on this blog. 82 more words

Social Media and Saftey

In the article Going Outside: Facebook and other Sites the author discusses social media and the danger that they could possibly hold within them. These are things that we often forget about because we do use these social sites so often. 183 more words

Wordpress Blog

An Ode To Yet---#poem, #poetry




Oh yet now

Oh yet now

It’s now be

Oh yet now


Oh yet, yet

Yet be

Oh be yet

Oh yet see… 27 more words