WordPress problems

I can’t upload any posts with pictures anymore, since the new update. Anyone having the same problem? Can anyone help me out?


I wish to pen about a friend,

But without a titLe there is not much to comprehend,

Her smile studded with stA… 136 more words

Moving to ATL: A Re-branding Re-visited

Today marks Day Three of being a part of my new home in Atlanta. Although the weather has been less than stellar during this time, I’ve been able to make some wonderful memories already – hitting golf balls at Top Golf, finding a new favorite brunch spot, bingeing on NFL all-day Sunday with my boyfriend, and cooking some of my favorite recipes to munch on. 156 more words

Atlanta, GA


Blood, blood and oceans of blood that I wish to see,

Holding a knife tight in my hand I wish to carve a matinee,

Her eyes still seem so lovely and still so innocent, 204 more words

다시 돌아왔다.

비번을 잃어버렸고, org에서 쓰던게 남아있어서 Hodssy로 주소를 지정하지도 못했다.

2년 전만 해도 내 테마는 내가 꾸밀거라고 오만가지 (나에게 있어) 복잡다단한 단계를 거치며 만들었겠으나 이제는 스스로를 너무나 잘 알고 있으므로 제공되는 블로그가 체고시다. 나중에 마음에 드는 테마는 그냥 돈주고 사지 뭐.

개인홈 → 네이버 → 티스토리 → 티스토리 → 다시 여기.

물론 최근의 것은 계속 같이 쓰기로.

Daily Note


Today I reached 10,000 views on this blog – a pretty nice one year milestone for an old retired guy living in Florida who tries to write poetry (not very well) and sundry other posts. 248 more words

Need You…?

Why should a heart die alone?

Why should a life lie apart and torn?

Why should a soul be punished so hard?

Why should I be the one walking alone this incomplete boulevard? 117 more words