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Web Accessibility: Images

The Importance

We’ve discussed in class the importance of properly publishing our images on WordPress, and making them accessible to everyone. However, do we really understand the importance of creating a webpage that is navigable by everyone? 461 more words

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Refraction II

Remember those days in the school science lab experimenting with light through prisms?  I couldn’t resist playing  with my camera today – here are the results.  41 more words


Matt Mullenweg thinks that WordPress can make it another ten years, as long as people are willing to continue giving back to WordPress. In the article… 65 more words

WordPress News

According to Aaron Jorbin, WordCamp organizers need to create an interesting experience for attendees by utilizing strategic and engaging ways to teach WordPress. Subject matter being discussed should be of primary importance. 44 more words


The next WordPress PDX Meetup in Vancouver is scheduled for Sunday, October 19th from 4-7 PM in the Parkway Plaza Building. Registration is required and can be done at… 10 more words

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Need Someone to Write for You? Hire Me

Hi you guys!

It has been really hard having to look for a job in a small town, the best job that I can get right now is working as a Cashier, not saying that I won’t take it because I will, but I need some extra money. 545 more words

Liebster Award

I want to say thank you to Courtney Scalise  of According to Courtney for nominating me for the Liebster Award. It feels good to receive such recognition from the blogging community. 489 more words