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He Said, She Said: Bloggers Edition.

“I often describe a first date as a combination of a job interview, riding a rollercoaster and a trip to the dentist. After all, sometimes it’s successful, sometimes it’s thrilling and sometimes it’s just downright painful.” 192 more words


An Odd Reality

Some of the bloggers in my WordPress community know me better than many of the people in my local neighbourhood.

If you can answer the below questions correctly then you’ll prove the above statement to be true. 36 more words


Are You A Fat Ass Like Me?

I eat food just like everyone else, but I love food and I think its brings so much happiness in people’s lives, so I am starting a food blog and if you are interested its called… 19 more words

Life Stuff

ID 10 TS

I would like to give you pictures of the landscaping projects that are in process – – or have been accomplished….

Or show you how high the Jerusalem Artichokes and Sunflowers are, or how beautiful the fantabulously drought-tolerant Golden and Burgundy Amaranths are - 507 more words


Very Inspiring Blogger Award From Hannah

Today it’s been one of those days in which you wish you had never come out of bed. I arrived home after a long shift at work and I just wanted to go straight to bed and forget about most of it. 1,060 more words


I'm On You Tube Sexy People

Okay so I have news, I’m on YouTube! Please go to the channel, like, subscribe, and comment, and if you have any thing in your life that’s going on please send me a message and I will be glad to talk about it confidentially. 9 more words

Life Stuff