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WordPress Image Editor screen clip as of 2014-04-11

WP3.9-Image-Editor ao20140411 1289×672 292Kb.jpg
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This is a screen capture of one component of the WordPress.com image editing functions.  This is the component seen when  you click the black pencil edit icon on an image already inserted into a post. 152 more words


The Short and the Long Stories of WordPress Learning and Support Resources

We need your help with the long story (see end of this post).  Here’s the short story:

We created a page – https://blogunbound.wordpress.com/wordpress-links/ — for you to share with people just getting started with WordPress, or needing help, or just wanting to be amused.  282 more words


Why is the web bent on using GRAY text?

Ever notice it? Gray, as if that’s somehow easier to read. Is it? This one kills me: gray on gray. The way my eyes work, black text on white background is the easiest to read (short of some colorings in bold and such). 103 more words


This is a new blog (April 2014) designed to be your discussion forum.  Jump in, have fun, and bring a friend.  Please help make this a better BlogUnbound. Thank you.


TIP: Bad things to say when you return to blogging after a break

PLEASE don’t start a blog post by saying something about how you haven’t posted in a long time, or apologizing about it. It may look “normal” to you and regular followers, but to people who stumble upon your post in the Reader or by any of a hundred other ways, it could be like saying to them, “This blog is a dud.” Dontchya think?


P2 Unresolved Post Filter for Private Blogs Only

The P2 Theme offers a feature allowing users to flag a post as unresolved. It gets a red line added to the margin. Later, it can be flagged resolved. 85 more words


Tick, Tick: Making Checklists in P2 Theme

o This ain’t done yet
o Neither is this
x This one I got to
o This one I’m gonna make you do

Yes, you can create checklists like this in the P2 Theme. 50 more words