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Weekly Photo Challenge: Cover Art

The mother hen in me is usually paying attention to the younger generation. Sometimes my feathers get ruffled by what I see and hear. But, I am often inspired by them as well. 118 more words


Cover Art - A WordPress Photo Challenge!

Guest host Pete Rosos has chosen the subject “Cover Art” as this week’s WordPress Photo Album. This got me thinking about what photos that I can feature that would make for good cover art for a music album or a book. 67 more words



This week’s WP Photo challenge: Refraction

Basically, refraction is the “bending” of light. Light bends (changes directions) when it travels from one medium to another. This happens because light travels at different speeds in different mediums. 202 more words



There’s one of these crystal light fixtures (generic image) in almost every room of this house.

The light bounces off the walls, sometimes in tiny rainbows, and when we moved I kept glancing left and right because I wasn’t used to the movement and felt like someone had moved.   112 more words


Glint of light

“Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.” ~ Anton Chekhov

I had to come to the brink of shattering completely before I found my strength.

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