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What's his angle

He is an angular man, obtuse with a straight-edged mentality. Two-dimensional in his scope, wavering neither up nor down.

Square-jawed masculinity shades his inner disarray. His flippant tongue has gotten him in trouble more than once. 128 more words



A straight road which seems angular. This was shot at Death Valley National Park in California on a sunny afternoon last winter.

This is in response to Weekly Photo Challenge.

Weekly Photo Challenge

Angular - A WordPress Photo Challenge!

Xiao over at WordPress has chosen topic “angular” for this week’s photo challenge! As I love patterns, this is a perfect challenge for me! So here is my angular world! 177 more words


Dreams are made of sea, sand and sky

Wouldn’t it be great to wake up and look out over this scenery every single day? Can you smell the surf? Can you feel the breeze caressing your face as it comes in over the ocean? 28 more words

Photo Challenge

Light + silks + wind = a beautiful display of art and culture in Barcelona

While visiting Barcelona, I was privileged to witness this amazing show of beautiful silks which spun and turned into awesome patterns due to the wind from the fans placed at strategic points around the stage and coloured under subtle lighting erected in the roof. 71 more words

Photo Challenge

When less is more

My two favourite things in life: pretty flowers and a big blue sky – both of which are always to be found in Barbados, a tropical paradise indeed.   50 more words

Photo Challenge


“Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.”

In response to Weekly Photo Challenge: Achievement.

Weekly Photo Challenge