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Glint of light

“Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.” ~ Anton Chekhov

I had to come to the brink of shattering completely before I found my strength.

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Refraction - A WordPress Photo Challenge!

Kevin Conboy has chosen the subject of this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge; and it is “Refraction.” What is refraction? Miriam Webster defines refraction as: 1) deflection from a straight path undergone by a light ray or energy wave in passing obliquely from one medium (as air) into another (as glass) in which its velocity is different; 2) the change in the apparent position of a celestial body due to bending of the light rays emanating from it as they pass through the atmosphere; also: the correction to be applied to the apparent position of a body because of this bending; and 3) the action of distorting an image by viewing through a medium. 36 more words


Dreamy - The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

This week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is Dreamy.

Just the one photo to show you for this week’s challenge.  It was taken last week shortly after the sun had risen and was getting to work at burning away the Autumn fog. 45 more words


Dreamy: Angelic break

I don’t know what it is about errands in the middle of the day that just slays the  productivity out of the day.

Somehow if I manage to do errands early in the morning I can breathe by lunch time, but if I have to do an errand after lunch (like today) everything just keeps dragging on until the very moment when I go to bed. 86 more words