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Cruel And Unusual

Yesterday, the State of Arizona executed double-murderer Joseph Rudolph Wood. Using a new two-drug combination, State doctors sedated Wood at 1352 and then administered the death drug. 1,091 more words

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Enough, Hillary, Enough - It's Time To Make One Of Those "Hard Choices!"

Folks, we are getting choked here.

We can’t seem to pick up a newspaper, a magazine or tune to any news channel without having to hear about Hillary Clinton’s new book, “ 903 more words


We Need Some Good GOP Campaign Songs

A few days ago one of my loyal readers posted a Liz Warren campaign song video (even though she’s not running for anything right now). The video was posted to my comments section with a snide comment and reminder of the Obama songs we contended with in 2008. 427 more words

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Check Your Privilege

Sierra Mannie, a senior at the University of Mississippi, penned an op/ed for her school newspaper called “Dear White Gays: Stop Stealing Black Female Culture.” It was just… 947 more words

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Another Example of Liberal Tolerance

One of my readers and frequent comment contributors recently noted the myth behind so-called liberal tolerance. My knee jerk reaction to this is to disagree. I do tend to think of liberals as more tolerant and accepting than conservatives. 1,095 more words

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Two Sides to Every Story

Last month, Mack Worley posted a video he had taken of an incident involving the police in his hometown of Vancouver, WA. The video begins with Vancouver police officers asking him – with weapons drawn – to put his rifle on the ground. 1,082 more words

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Happy Birthday to (Most of) America

If you don’t wear blinders you can be sure that some group of lowlife scum will make you ashamed of being American on the 4th of July. 259 more words

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