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Charting the ISIL course as it were...

Both my real world and my internet life has found me in discussions over how it appears the USA is facing the reality that the burden of fighting ISIL is on us alone. 273 more words

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Please Blacks, Beware of What Rand Paul is Selling

In business there is a practice known as root cause analysis. The notion is you can’t solve a problem if you don’t get to the root of it. 334 more words

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Holy Crap I've just earned the biggest Obama Pail evah!

The Overarching Topic

I _________________ just hate Barack Hussein Obama and no matter what if there is one shred of red meat I can nibble on and spit out at him and his in utter disgust and indignation it shall be done. 1,202 more words

Wordpress Political Blogs

End of Summer SitRep from the Valley

I am closing summer 2014 on a personal low. Total doldrums dude!

My real world employment has been an exercise in anger as I continue to find corporate America to be a cesspool of lying conniving scumbags who are burning through its human capital with wonton disregard to the company and of course its people let alone the impact on the nation as a whole. 236 more words

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Don't Mess With The Narrative

On August 9, just a couple of weeks ago, Michael Brown was shot in the street by a Ferguson police officer.  Because Brown was an 18-year-old black male, naturally, and unarmed, he has become the newest cause in the vein of Trayvon Martin. 1,200 more words

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Damn! Another Thug!

We were told that down in Florida an angelic black child with only candy and iced tea had been gunned down by a crazy lilly white vigilante who was not arrested. 668 more words

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Talk Amongst Yourselves

Usually whatever I post, my loyal readers pick their own topics to discuss in the comments section. So tonight with Iraq a mess, the Ukraine a scary Russian power play, Israel and Palestine in their usual state of unrest, and another gifted artist gone too soon from self destruction, I leave the topics to you.

Have at it.


Wordpress Political Blogs