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To Tell the Truth

Several times today Bob Schieffer on “Face the Nation” asked the same question about the Senate intelligence report on torture. I call dibs because I thought of this same question earlier in the week. 338 more words

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Garner is not Brown

One of the problems when America has a “conversation about race” is we lump together people who have no business lumped together.

Eric Garner was killed in a chokehold by a Staten Island policeman. 201 more words

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The Upcoming Showdown

Well folks, it appears the 44th POTUS has not taken the expected lessons from the November 4th GOP victory. On the contrary, with no more elections to win and no more congressional seats to worry about (not including Mary Landrieu) Obama feels free to do what he damn well pleases. 493 more words

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The immigration reform discussion we should be having sounds a little like....

Immigration built the Nation…

Both the Right and Left are experiencing angst over the issue of immigration and neither of them are facing reality. 832 more words

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Everyone has an opinion:Mistral Class dilemma

As the title hints this will be a new series folks can find here at valleyviewpoints.

The opener for this series may seem a little obscure to my fellow Americans but it is still a good one in my opinion. 385 more words

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Seven Up: A Middle East Survey

I’m pursuing a few things in the real world that finds me doing research in a number of areas. One item in the research pile is the opinions of US citizens  on a number of select countries . 113 more words

Wordpress Political Blogs