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Useful HTML code Snippets created using "Manage Snippets" plugin for GEdit text editor

When it comes to writing a post using html editor, you will be having some frequently used codes to do some tasks. Life will be easier, if you have some shortcut key or other faster way (like writing a shortcode and press “tab” key) to insert these frequently used codes. 627 more words

Wordpress Tricks

Set as block of text by light gray background

To set block of text in separate background.

Use the below code

<div style="background-color:#f0f0f3;padding:0.8em;">
Your block of Text here
Your block of Text here
Your block of Text here
Your block of Text here
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Wordpress Tricks

Change color of the text

Use the code

<span style="color:#3366ff;"> blue text </span>

to get
blue text
I use this color for website links.

see styling-individual-posts-and-pages for more text formatting tips

Wordpress Tricks

Writing source codes in posts with syntax highlighting

To write source codes in posts with syntax highlighting, use the [code] tag as shown in the below example


your code

The code above will be displayed as… 384 more words

Wordpress Tricks

Writing a text inside a box

You can put a box around a text like this:

sample text in the box

It can be used to feel it like a code/ notes aside the main content. 234 more words

Wordpress Tricks