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I am sobbing
Over tragedy
Tears stream
Down my face
Remembering lives
I never knew
Brothers and Sisters
In Orange and Maroon

And the bell tolls
32 times

– GB


Sir Mix-a-Lot's Thesis

The reason people like Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “Baby Got Back” is not because of the catchy beat. It’s because he speaks in a clear declarative sentence that states his point of view. 100 more words



I’ve been musing on the fact that elephants turn up a lot in concepts in the modern world.  Odd, I know but stay with me… 138 more words


Are You Coming or Going?

Today is a Play with Words post.

Do you know what week this is?

It’s Palindrome Week!

Look at the dates:     4-11-14        4-12-14        4-13-14        4-14-14        4-15-14       4-16-14        4-17-14        4-18-14       4-19-14… 116 more words


Cosmic dominoes of thought

Finally!  Today I awoke with a chapter of book 8, beginning a journey that has eluded me for months!   I’m so excited, I’ve been typing all day, watching the flow of words in awe, cosmic dominoes of thought falling together to form a complexity I’m not capable of creating on my own.  43 more words

Our Secret Weapons : Our Words

Words are weapons that we must wield with care. When the right word is used in the right context, by the right person and at the right time, the effect is that of a magical wand. 186 more words

Being In Love

Word #008

Nudiustertian noun

Proper name for the day before yesterday.