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I like the word situationer, which many people in the Philippines use to refer to a description of a situation or state of affairs. Standard English, however, does not recognize the word; neither does Microsoft Word.  78 more words

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Boxing Clever - Phrase Origin

Interest Piqued – It’s a fairly common phrase, but I started thinking about it while listening to Pure Morning by Placebo (lyric in question at 0:58). 164 more words

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Classical Gasbag - The Lost Posts 1

If you enlarge this photo, you may be able to make out the house and barn setting back in the trees.  I’m glad that I don’t have to clear the snow from that driveway in the winter. 376 more words

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It’s Word Wednesday!

Here’s an interesting word: factoid. How does it differentiate from the word fact?

Factoid used to have only one meaning… 157 more words

Words And Phrases


Adviser means the same as advisor—that is, it refers to “a person who gives advice in a particular field.” Example: The President has a new military adviser. 70 more words

Words And Phrases


It is inevitable that by using English as a second language, we Filipinos have created Filipino English terms that do not exist in standard English or differ greatly from their meaning in standard English. 17 more words

Words And Phrases