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Things Someone Said That Forever Changed Your Way Of Thinking

Reddit.com asked “What’s something someone said that forever changed your way of thinking?” Here are some of the top responses, and some additional comments from our listeners: 259 more words


Who You Could be Without a Business Degree

By this point, you (hopefully) have a good understanding that you really don’t need a business degree to make it big in the business world. Programs like SBI give students a well rounded view of the business world so that they are competent professional who have, helping them supplement their degree. 132 more words

Words Of Advice

Never Hate

It’s true…as hard as it is sometimes to hate…everyone has something good about them.  We can’t judge as we haven’t walked in their shoes or traveled down their roads…we can find the good in people and be happy with that.   21 more words


You Stay

A rough draft, but feedback and ideas would be great.

You Stay

When you know, in every muscle and bone

that the game is over, why do you stay? 146 more words


22 Things I Have Learned in 22 Years

In the 22 years that I have been set into the world, I have learned a few things that I feel to share with my readers. 2,120 more words


Top Three Reasons Why You Really Should Have a Business Minor: Part One

By now you probably have a good idea about my love obsession for all things SBI. A little back story of how I personally came to enroll in the program this past summer- for starters I am possibly the most indecisive person in the world. 410 more words

Words Of Advice