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To contiune the segment I started last week, I have three more questions that people curious about SBI wanted answered. Again, reach out if there is something you’d like to know, but hopefully these questions answer some of yours. 274 more words

Words Of Advice

First there was 100, then there were 12.

To most people, this may not look like a significant picture. What’s so special about some plastic with ink on it, an orange bracelet, and a piece of paper with some dates on it? 739 more words

Shed off that which cannot transform. Either you change or I’m dropping you. Shed off those things that will not change, cut ‘me off. We all must move something to move ahead. 48 more words

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TED Talk Thursday

Happy Thursday!!

Continuing the music theme from Monday, I found this TED talk this week and I thought it was pretty cool. It’s about Jeb Banner’s take on how all the necessary skills he feels you need to know in order to be successful in business, he learned from being in a band. 16 more words

Words Of Advice

Things Someone Said That Forever Changed Your Way Of Thinking

Reddit.com asked “What’s something someone said that forever changed your way of thinking?” Here are some of the top responses, and some additional comments from our listeners: 261 more words


Who You Could be Without a Business Degree

By this point, you (hopefully) have a good understanding that you really don’t need a business degree to make it big in the business world. Programs like SBI give students a well rounded view of the business world so that they are competent professional who have, helping them supplement their degree. 132 more words

Words Of Advice

Never Hate

It’s true…as hard as it is sometimes to hate…everyone has something good about them.  We can’t judge as we haven’t walked in their shoes or traveled down their roads…we can find the good in people and be happy with that.   21 more words