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7 Things I’ll Never Do In Los Angeles


Obviously Griffith Observatory, with its beautiful view and implied romanticism, is a never, ever, ever first date. I mean, a person you bring to that location, THAT person is the one you want to be with for longer than a few drinks, a couple weeks tops. 689 more words

Giving Worries Away

I am not usually one to worry, but my sister and mother worry about everything. Don’t get me wrong, there are times when worry tries to creep its way into my heart. 377 more words


Why Do I do what I Do?

I frequently question myself whith whys. I’m sure a lot of us do. Sometimes, as if for no reason, someone asks me something simple and I lash out with a bitter response. 229 more words


keep calm and...

Keep calm and:

write a blog post, go to ballet, turn out, finish reading the newspaper, change my address, make my bed, ask my boyfriend how his new song is coming along, get envelopes, take more pictures, follow up on that email, fold my laundry, fix my shoes, finish that episode, pay this bill, follow up on the claim, daydream about my retirement home, wash the dishes, text them back, did I pay her back???, buy the domain, do 200 crunches, listen to that band, aimlessly scroll through my Facebook news-feed, call my mom, schedule a date, buy bus ticket, make dinner, take yoga, design logo, start that book, build my… 21 more words

That's Just Random

the time to be awesome is now

In the spirit of the Freedom Writers Diaries, my school was introduced to one inspiring video created by The Kids President. This group, created by Brad Monague explains their purpose: 476 more words


Words to live by...

I know this is one of the most commonly used quotes out there, but it is SO true.

Growing up, my mom had all of the classic Dr. 197 more words

Health mindfuls: How to recover from a diet "failure"

Why helllo everyone. 

hehe, i’ve been on this whole “late night blogging spree”. I guess I’ve been inspired by our school’s writers week event. (where student writers and authors are invited on stage to read pieces and share about their writing careers) 

476 more words