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You don't have to pay for everything

You don’t have to pay for everything. If you gave your best that’s just enough..its better to leave than get crushed. Be kind to yourself, you’re more than you think of.

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Malcolm Muggeridge

“This life in us; however low it flickers or fiercely burns, is still a divine flame which no man dare presume to put out, be his motives never so humane and enlightened;  To suppose otherwise is to countenance a death-wish;  Either life is always and in all circumstances sacred, or intrinsically of no account; it is inconceivable that it should be in some cases the one, and in some the other.”

~ Malcolm Muggeridge

Positively Pro-Life

Be Responsible and Be Free!

Taking responsibility for yourself will give you FREEDOM.

Why? Because you won’t be dependent on anybody and anything else. That’s why this is so important. 87 more words


Not One is Perfect

*Written by Thomas Jefferson to his daughter, Patsy*

 Every human being must be viewed according to what it is good for. For not one of us, no, not one, is perfect. 21 more words

Positively Pro-Life