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Words With Friends: The Dummy Edition

The fuckery continues! In this latest installment of Words With Friends me and my good girlfriends dissect the very last conversation between myself and a fool I encountered. 99 more words


Words with Friends (or people you don't know who are near you)

Words with Friends just got a little bit creepy.  There is now a Community Match feature that shows you players (and their statistics) that are nearby allowing you to swipe right or left ala Tinder.  89 more words

Digital Solution

Words With Friends: The Inspirational Edition

In this installment of Words With Friends, we cover faith, prayer and beliefs.

Believe it or not, on rare occasions my Judies and I sometimes have substantive conversations. 92 more words


Words With Friends: The Judgement Edition

In this installment of Words With Friends my good girlfriends judge an instagram post about bustin’ them guns. 96 more words


Dick Tatian

Typing on the iPad is cumbersome. Typing on the Mini iPad is more cumbersome. Typing on the iPhone is ridiculous! So I dictate. I press on the little microphone and I speak slowly, enunciating each syllable carefully.  236 more words


Palabras con amigos

I’ve been playing a lot of scrabble recently. Like, A LOT of scrabble. The update to the Words with Friends app has made it much easier to set up games with random people, so I’ve been playing a bunch with whoever feels like it. 258 more words

110. Maybe it's the climate?

Edmonton has hit a bit of a cold spell. We were beset with a dump of snow on Thursday, & although the snow has stopped falling, #yeg remains frozen in a Winter Wonderland. 225 more words