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Help My Cell Phone is Taking Over My Life; Using Solution Focused Techniques to Find My Balance

      As I look at the leader board on “Words with Friends” and gloat over my high scores, I start to wonder if my phone use is becoming excessive. 739 more words


Confession of a Poor Sport

Hi. My name is Kate and I’m a Poor Sport. I don’t think there is a twelve step program for people like me, but I’m writing today to come clean and admit this character default. 1,009 more words


I am a military spouse. My husband has been out of town for the last two weeks straight and I have been, to put it mildly, bored. 1,131 more words



Here is another little story I wrote using the words from the online scrabble game “Words With Friends”. The words in bold are the words that were played on the game board. 301 more words

A Word Challenge

This week I have a new word-based game for us to play! (Actually, it’s quite an old game, but new to the blog.) ;)

I adore playing Words with Friends, and I have a couple of pals that I’ve been arranging letters with for years. 100 more words

Words with friends

Throw back to the day I opened my favorite game app so I could play with my sister and was surprised with this:

Seriously had the hardest time playing because I was too busy reading my letters and trying to figure out how on earth the game knew that about me!

Random Crud

Words with Friends.

Dear Great and Invisible Man,

A couple weeks ago I told one of my best friends that i cant talk to him anymore. The instability of our friendship was becoming more than i could handle and it seemed like he was playing with my emotions. 65 more words