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My Favorite Things, Volume 2

Today being Thanksgiving Day, the timing is right for my second list of some of my favorite things. In case you missed the first list, here is a link to it:  804 more words

Day 64

Have I mentioned how happy I am that it’s a short week? I could really use a 4 day weekend, people.

I’m currently in my bed looking for Thanksgiving recipes on Pinterest, looking for Christmas gifts to buy while I watch Friends (The One with The Birth Mother) and play Words with Friends. 9 more words

100 Happy Days


Thank you, Words With Friends, for teaching me to function on five hours.  My sleep deprived immune system will keep me sick and on the sofa most of the winter, giving me lots and lots of time to spend with you. 96 more words


Dad Online

My dad passed away back in 1986, long before the internet. I often wonder how he would have reacted to being able to gain information on any topic of his choosing within seconds and playing Candy Crush. 298 more words


Words with Friends Splash Screen

How many friends are actually playing this game…?

When using superlatives (best), a minimum of three is necessary; if the best friend is to win, there need to be at least three friends playing. 25 more words


Is Profanity Legal in Scrabble?

Every writer plays Scrabble at least once in their life, right?  Form a seven letter word, score 50 pts, use your Q without a U, challenge your opponents version of “EUOUAE” (a consonant-less word that’s legal? 1,119 more words