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Mocking Bird

You once promised to take me to Dufan on work day, so it wouldn’t be too crowded.

You once promised it’d be just the two of us and we would spend the whole the day there. 340 more words

A's Tales

To be content with the world…is to find within oneself the strength to face up to everything that is abominable, to find within oneself the strength to resist the abominable when it happens.

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you don't make friends with salad

my name is katie, and i am addicted to sugar. most of us are. if you eat anything pre-packaged, bottled or preserved, you’re eating refined sugar. 948 more words


About a Kiss

It was foreign. She could feel the warmth radiating from his body, the scent of his perfume, the texture of his skin, and the sound of his breath. 237 more words

A's Tales

As I Write This…

…I am moved to peevish comment.

People, don’t use “as” to string clauses together when you’re narrating action.  Save “as” for linking together actions which are simultaneous or nearly so, and are directly related – “He leaped aboard the train as it pulled away from the platform’’ or “As he wandered about the room, he absent-mindedly rearranged all the knick-knacks and framed photographs.”  That sort of thing. 110 more words


Messages of Farewell – On Black Bullet’s Enju

As far as I know, Enju-chan probably never met her parents. Childbirth cannot exactly be safe when infected, however lightly, with the Gastrea virus. Still, I would like to believe that Enju’s name did come from her parents, a parting gift for the child about to face the hardships of a post-apocalyptic world all on her own. 433 more words



I’m drowning without you.

And you see, the thing is, before I met you, I was drowning too. I was drowning with my eyes wide open, watching everyone around me swim when suddenly, my eyes met yours. 181 more words

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