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make way poet

there are words. and there are words. and there are the oiled limbs of inflection that snake through the imagination of a tumbling scape.

A madman taps on the door of my mind and brings to me the universe wrapped up in a knot of alternating currents arguing like fishsellers for the prize of the soul. 370 more words

Model Mantis VS Coffee

“Should have thought things through first,” Kohina thought as she found herself standing in front of the convenience store door, about to face the challenge of her first ever shopping errand.

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Am I even allowed to ask?
Where should I hide when you bask,
On your happiness at dusk,
While my hope turn to dust?

We are an explosion of sin. 26 more words

A's Tales

Mocking Bird

You once promised to take me to Dufan on work day, so it wouldn’t be too crowded.

You once promised it’d be just the two of us and we would spend the whole the day there. 340 more words

A's Tales

To be content with the world…is to find within oneself the strength to face up to everything that is abominable, to find within oneself the strength to resist the abominable when it happens.

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you don't make friends with salad

my name is katie, and i am addicted to sugar. most of us are. if you eat anything pre-packaged, bottled or preserved, you’re eating refined sugar. 948 more words


About a Kiss

It was foreign. She could feel the warmth radiating from his body, the scent of his perfume, the texture of his skin, and the sound of his breath. 237 more words

A's Tales