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Tempus Fugit

I visited the old roof, sir. It is gone replaced by sturdy concrete of classrooms, it was awful. I looked up and it was nothing but clear blue sky, sir. 190 more words

A's Tales

words, words, words

history, it seems, remembers     only     the beautiful

or the tragic. there is no place for the fact that i never learnt

to ride a bicycle without training wheels because my mother… 168 more words

From Cradle To Grave

Sinner III

Did you ever feel like you’re going downhill? Feeling like there’s nowhere to go, that kind of feel. Then with frustration you started to burn all the books and faded portraits. 124 more words

A's Tales

The C Word

It’s church, people.  It could also be Christian, since Christians and church generally go hand in hand.

And why is that?

Because God designed the church. 1,868 more words

Words Words Words

Sinner II

Drape me in purple and cast me into the eternal fire of sin.
for black surrounds me,
flowing with my red in the vein of my existence. 32 more words

A's Tales

Rant Post: Expectations

Expectations can either bring you up or down.

Up: when it makes you hard-working; it motivates you; and it makes you look forward to something… 392 more words


The Peace Before IVF....

If you have struggled with infertility at all, or have even gotten to the point where you are trying to get pregnant, you know that the waiting is not easy.   750 more words