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A Short Story: LunchTime

Hi, all!

I wrote this short story the other day for Professional Writing class. I’m still a noob so please don’t judge me if I sound so pretentious. 813 more words


an omg wtf moment

New York is the first city where I felt physically offended by what I was smelling. I’ve gotten annoyed with the results of sealed poubelles… 328 more words

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Ms Seggie & Mr Chaudhry's Summer Selfies

What wonderful pictures from Mr Chaudhry & Ms Seggie’s garden… but what on Earth is going on?

Let us know what you think is happening in the comments section below or vote here: 14 more words


Questioning the Speed of Light

I am a skeptic, a doubter. I accept very little at face value. Questioning nearly everything has its merits; it can also create confusion. For example, when I was about 11, I wondered about the speed of light. 510 more words


Wither Summer?

Although not slated to arrive for 10 days or so, Fall is upon us. It’s there, in a chill that fills the air even while standing in full sun. 183 more words


He, She, It, Them, and all Their Friends

English pronouns are a mess, and there’s no getting around the fact.

We’re missing a second-person plural in the standard dialect, which hinders translation into and out of languages that have it.  350 more words

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Earning My Degree in Life Lessons

Is it really necessary to continue learning (or would it be called re-learning) the same lessons throughout life? It has been so frustrating to me, the thought that I must go up and down the same roads over and over again. 658 more words

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