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Irritating Words

Everyone has words they hate. The president hates the word “briefing,” and his aides now describe his meetings as “Go Tell ‘Ems.” The pope always skips the ox counting bit at the beginning of Numbers, because saying “ 535 more words

Quiet Love

But I know love. It’s a quiet love. Like a sleeping tiger that feels the moonlight. A calm, collected love.

I used to say I never knew it. 70 more words



Scold: v. to communicate punishment for a bad and/or wrong behavior(s) frequently with anger and/or being judgmental and sometimes with threats of punishment

Many parents frequently scold offspring. 326 more words

Common Sense

“There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer.”
— Ansel Adams


To Perform Best in Life, Remember these six Zig Ziglar Truths...

Born to Win at:


Zig Ziglar a loved author and motivational speaker taught timeless lessons of success before his passing two years ago this month. 326 more words


To Do List

There are some things I need to do ….but before I do the things I need to I must do some other things , and for those other things I must write a list of do’s …Do you see my dilemma ? 13 more words

Why Do I Get Dolls and Boys Get Action Figures?

Why do girls play with dolls while boys get to play with action figures?

The difference is subtle but powerful.

The words we use shape our thoughts, dreams, and our reality: 185 more words

Action Figures