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Review: "Brad Jones: Diptychs" at Sargent's Daughters

by Rachel Heidenry

It is an exhibition of portraits – of the same portrait.

Or, at least, of the same subject.

Some are abstract washes where the human figure is only lightly discerned. 287 more words


Edo Method

Sadness is familiar. It is a constant of the human experience. Happiness, however, is always new as it comes.

San Francisco

The Power of Your Words

Everyday we communicate. Whether its verbal, non-verbal, or written, we need to be careful of how we communicate with people. For the sake of this post, we will stick with verbal & written communication. 228 more words


Words of Ven. Robina Courtin

Being your own therapist, knowing your own mind,

having the confident view that ”yes, there is anger, depression,

low self-esteem and yes, it paralyzes me, but that’s not who I am, 336 more words


How to Write Jokes Type #2 'You're not the only one.'

No one told me that law school was less about learning specific laws and more about how to think, to think with precision and force, relativity and logic. 403 more words



Seven letters and three syllables
Is my name too much of a mouthful to say?
Does it leave a bad taste in your mouth as you roll it around on your tongue wondering if its ok to shorten it or avoid it entirely… 20 more words