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Open Thoughts

“To teach one a lesson means to lay down your arms and let go of this
so called free will and bare what you truly are to your enemy”. 232 more words

Days: April 23rd (International Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Day)

This is a post a day on the symbolism and celebration associated with each day of the year. A tiny vignette of each day, and a ramble of my thoughts.  

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You can create specific ACTions by using specific Words.

” I am facing a problem…”, ” I am facing a challenge…”
Two sentences meaning the same thing, but delivering such a different vibration!
How would you act if you told yourself ” I am facing a problem…”, would you jump off your chair and run towards it?   268 more words


What I'm saying is

Think before you talk.

If you thought about it once. Think about it again. Consider the feeling of the person you are talking to. Put yourself in her situation. 568 more words

Poem - Her melancholy

Her melancholy

A little more he was sufficient for her,
More dismal was she for him

A little more pain he caused her,
Some more love she poured on him… 211 more words


A Truly Loyal Friend

Lived a cute dog and he was very friendly
Always protected the ones he loved, truly and in a heartfelt way.
In a manner so true that nothing can be compared… 92 more words


Thoughts in photos...

Ah, such sleepy bones this a.m., and this week in general. It’s difficult writing coherent, interesting things on this little blog of mine when I feel this way. 26 more words