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I Want To Fall In Love With A Reader

An original article of mine featured and originally published on: The Fickle Heartbeat

I want to fall in love with someone at a bookstore. I want to marry someone’s love for words with my own.

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A single sentence

A single sentence
Was all it took
To fall deeper
To crash harder
To become completely numb
To lose it all.


#OverIt: Phrases We're Sick Of Hearing, But Won't Stop Using (LIST)

The English language is beautiful. New words are created every day and thrown into everyone’s vernacular and people barely ever ask why. In fact, selfie was added to the dictionary… 775 more words


How can we imagine what our lives should be......

“The book was in her lap; she had read no further. The power to change one’s life comes from a paragraph, a lone remark. The lines that penetrate us are slender, like the flukes that live in river water and enter the bodies of swimmers. 44 more words


Words struggle for meaning when absent of trees
absent of clouds, absent of breeze

Words gasp for a breath when absent of heart
absent of courage, away from their art… 67 more words



The root word: “gress”/”grad” —– meaning: to step, to go

Digression: To go from the main topic.

Gradient: To go slowly; transition.

Gradual: Go slowly. 12 more words



Living in a city it is hard for some people to find places to get away from all the stress of everyday. People can get lost in a routine that will eventually dull and sadden the mind. 338 more words

Stress Relief