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Word of the Day: Tintinnabulation

Tintinnabulation | tin-tuh-nab-yuh-LAY-shun | noun

1: the ringing or sounding of bells

2: a jingling or tinkling sound as if of bells

Examples: 201 more words


Here I Am

All bundled up ☺
I rarely post photos of myself…I’ve actually become a bit shy in that regard. Yet this one…well, I like it. I look happy and as that eluded me this past 6 weeks it must be celebrated. 12 more words


Eat what you speak.

She walked in the room with the worst intentions.
Starving for a cause
A disruption
She was so hungry for outreach
But when it came down to it… 107 more words



Every time that we’re
In bed
There’s words spilling over
Inside my head
Even the world spills over
In phrases I can’t capture
Each like a touch, searing… 43 more words



Is it already the end of January? It feels like it’s the end of July to me, like New Year’s Day was years ago. January has been an extremely busy month for me. 361 more words