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given my social skills

I would
sooner write
in closed repair
then talk aloud
to witness need
given my level
of social skill
of awkward feet
and awkward delay… 44 more words



I like your Language Well Enough

Fine Bred of  Anglo Saxon Stock

It’s Your Misspelings

that throw me





Revelation 12:10

I love this verse:

Then I heard a loud voice in heaven say:

“Now have come the salvation and the power

and the kingdom of our God, 28 more words


Torture Limericks.

Babies are small and they smell

And they can’t help with stuff very well

If you’d let me punch one

I swear then I’d be done… 101 more words


As Far As It Goes

‎Tuesday, ‎December ‎03, ‎2013

Love is the pursuit that a soul will ever travel, indulging with the elements to find one flowing with the rivers but the rivers are the true worshiper of the time who contemplates the taste of its beauty in patience, purifying itself being stable along with the greatest fear as to become mesh with its suspense gift without losing the form for his destined sea.

In the penumbra, each object, cast a shadow across the floor, stretching like dark monsters edging out of a child’s bed. Behind her the screech of the alarm etched itself slowly into her consciousness until the point where her auditory senses would have felt deprived without its audible presence. 843 more words


You say it best…

I have been thinking about “Words” lately. In the last couple of months I have been more observant of not only what I say but also what I think because I believe our thoughts are the root of what we say. 565 more words

The Journey Of A Developing Human