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the wreath

“just over there, by the road side”
a nameless, makeshift memorial,
aging and unattended,
with words no longer understood
its only purpose – a remembrance
now something abandoned and forgotten.


The Power of Words

“You’re stupid, you will never amount to anything.”

“I never loved  you.”

“You will never do better than me.”

“You’re ugly and fat.” 

“You were the worst mistake I ever made.”  390 more words



The day you knocked on my door,
Sent my heart flying,
How it soared,
The magic I felt,
The love….
How it made me melt, 18 more words


Big Changes Ahead

Back from Fairyland. No time to write in the last two weeks, the weeks and weeks of fairy making have left me with a sore shoulder from crouching over, and a house full of sparkle, but I’m not complaining. 586 more words

dear words

If words could be roses..
and I had a garden full of them..
I swear you would sleep..
in a bed of petals everyday.. 102 more words


should we hit the ground and change shape

let us hope that the wind carries us together

far enough that the seasons cannot reach us… 29 more words