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A Wordsmith



Imagine a blacksmith

who used words like there

coal and minerals

to forge the best weapons.


A speech that declared independence

A news report which tells the truth… 34 more words

nomad's rest --+--poem

i saw you through a window
your mouth set in a line
but your eyes were full of poppies
lips stained of wine
we stared at each other… 54 more words


This Haiku: I Bought a Ticket

smith styling the spark
How close will he hold its hand?
Witness a wonder

poem- 3 powers

Three powers

of the ancient bards:

to rouse the listener to joyful laughter,

to desolate the listener to sorrowful tears,

to comfort the listener to peaceful sleep. 14 more words


On the Topic of Money

On the topic of money. … It seems that we, Christians, have allowed it to become the coveted perversion of the church. There are “for profit” preachers that will grab you by the ear and talk you right out of heaven and into the ideal of earthly riches. 806 more words


Where Foxes Dance With the Wee Folk

In a field far away, the wee folk played their flutes and the foxes came running. And together they danced in the tall grass and played as children. ( (c) Simon Brooks, October 2014)