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Pied Piper of Reality

people will tell you lots of things in life
like it’s clear sailing all the way
down these tracks to the end of the line… 159 more words


Scrabble, Anyone?

Scrabble is a wonderful game. It is a game that I learned to love playing at the age of 8. I would play with my mother or grandmother every chance I had. 233 more words


Wordsmith @ M16 Artspace

This exhibition closed some weeks ago but it was fascinating as many collaborations are. The art consists in an interweaving of image and text in various ways. 51 more words


NaNoWriMo-the preparation begins

It has been months since I have written anything, my most recent being a poem about the men who were involved in the D-Day landings. So when an email from the lovely people from (inter) National Novel Writing Month skipped its way into my inbox this week, encouraging past nano-ers to prepare for another year’s madness- I mean month of glorious writing greatness!- that I thought, why not? 120 more words

Poetry Blog

An Open Letter To Janay Palmer-Rice

Dear Janay,

Where do I begin? Just don’t know because notwithstanding the obvious from the elevator video, I am more bewildered and affected by you yourself! 479 more words

Right Now

Saturday Morning Music - 18 - The Horse Latitudes

This and next and maybe another Saturday morning I’ll feature a video or two as recorded by The Sights of Sounds. They do a wonderful job with acoustic recordings of great new artists. 125 more words


Smell the Fair Haikus?

The most wonderful time of the year is coming soon to a Columbia, South Carolina near you. Yes, my friends. It’s time to start feeding your creativity. 66 more words