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Writer's Block of Cheese

I don’t know what to write about. I think of stuff everyday but when I sit down to write, nothing. I need to carry some kind of note taking device in order to spark memory. 93 more words

This Is It

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This is it!, the day I have longed for at once I

thought it will completely fade out of my

mind’s eye… 292 more words


Life lacking any sort of poetry

Life lacking any sort of poetry

A smith of words

I do not own a forge


Like rivers through my mind

Stories bouncing

Dancing violently… 156 more words

Love Is The Reason For This Poem...

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I love Rap so I gotta like Poetry.......

In honor of National Poetry Month I dug in the creates (ok, actually I looked in the files marked poems with jpegs), unearthed these timeless pieces, blew the dust off, and now I’m sharing them with you… ENJOY!!! 9 more words

The Math of Wordsmithing

Words. Beautiful words. Thousands upon thousands of different combinations of the twenty-six (just a measly twenty-six!) letters of the English alphabet, strung together to form words, which are, in turn, strung together to form sentences. 91 more words


Barn standing
Abandoned to its decay
Memories full in age

Of animals come and gone
Children to play in her arms
Hay stacked for winters… 48 more words

Nature, Beauty, Life