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In the Wilderness of Words

Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by the variety of opinions expressed by all the blogs and tweets and status updates and photo comments plus access to every magazine and journal and newspaper published in every portion of the globe? 169 more words


Hey all! Sorry I’ve been silent this week. My wife and I are anxiously awaiting a potential bit of big news from her work, so everything’s kind of gone off the rails. 1,805 more words


The Poet's Problem

The poet’s problem is that he thinks he’s relevant.
The poet’s problem is that he thinks in verse – in well-turned phrase.
The poet’s problem is that he feels too deeply and too broadly. 39 more words


a poem-ish

On the eve of a full moon
(c) 2015 Adriane Csicsmann Giberson

What to do with this tidal wave,
this flow of heart madness, of… 479 more words


What drives this machine

FRIDAY! That’s a reason to celebrate! Unless you have to work tomorrow. But if you, don’t it’s the finish line! Until next week. But then there’s Christmas! 1,641 more words

Real Life

I never thought

I never thought

I never thought a single thought that was original
but have recycled through the bin of words and prose
that has been part of the Akashic records throughout time. 46 more words


Select your character! Press start!

This would have been lovingly crafted for you yesterday, but Lucifer decided it was a fine time to establish his flagship red-light whimsical-hell-themed amusement park inside my sinus cavity. 3,400 more words