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Wordy Whoops

Wwwednesday–Words. Or Work. Whatever.

Last Friday, because it was the day before vacation started and I was, as I said, getting ready for another Labor Day weekend at Youth Conference, I drove out to Camp with Oscar and poked around the closets in the Lodge to see which of the supplies we had that we need every year. 282 more words

Words About God

a poem-ish

We’re at the height of its fiery heat,
though by the wheel’s turning we are already into the decent.
A banana tree in the back yard has grown by feet this past week alone, 163 more words

Little Bits Of Me

a poem

News of the day

More sadness this morning as I awaken to news of loss of life—
a plane crash;
a stroke.

It’s the unexpected and too early passing that always shocks; 546 more words

Little Bits Of Me

poems arriving on the tail end of a dream

the lengths some will go to

oh, longing, a heat in the loins,
the dull ache roiling with a low-grade
feverish glowing of embers.

I breathe into them — sparks arise; 338 more words

Little Bits Of Me

My week of work experience with Lou Fox

by Debbie Griffiths

We’ve just completed Ideal’s first ever work experience with Lou Fox. I’m delighted and dog tired in unequal measure.  Highly delighted because Lou’s blown my assumptions about young people and language right out of the water. 542 more words


Was our intern's week 'ideal'?

by Lou Fox

So it’s the end of the week and the end of my work experience with Ideal. It was a week I thoroughly enjoyed. 287 more words


Why Ashorne Hill would make an ideal training venue

by Lou Fox (on work experience with Ideal)

Ideal is well known for its copywriting, but wants to increase the number of writing workshops… 420 more words