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in defence of the wordsmith

I saw a blacksmith at work several weeks ago, all set up in the middle of a main city street, as part of Nuit Blanche… 1,311 more words


Why You Need a Good Writer

You know your business. You can probably construct a decent sentence, too, if you got this far. But there are times when you need a professional writer. 328 more words


Writing, prestige, and fake blood.

One thing is certain: I’ve commented before about the correlation between writing, and other activities; primarily about screwing with someone’s mind on the fencing field, and subsequently screwing with someone’s mind while they read your work. 1,749 more words


Soapbox Time: the Midwest

I was born in Michigan and now live among highly educated East Coast types, who refer to my homeland as ‘flyover country.’  As if that weren’t bad enough, when something happens in Minnesota, they may gesture vaguely north and west and say “out there in Mich-zouri, right?” 218 more words


Staring down the barrel of a loaded idea

Oh, hey- new post! New WRITING post! Fancy that. It’s got that new-post smell which- and this depends on where you are and your frame of mind- can either smell like everything that ever aspired to wonder, or can reek of binary decay. 733 more words