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Soapbox Time: the Midwest

I was born in Michigan and now live among¬†highly educated East Coast types, who refer to my homeland as ‘flyover country.’ ¬†As if that weren’t bad enough, when something happens in Minnesota, they may gesture vaguely north and west and say “out there in Mich-zouri, right?” 218 more words


Staring down the barrel of a loaded idea

Oh, hey- new post! New WRITING post! Fancy that. It’s got that new-post smell which- and this depends on where you are and your frame of mind- can either smell like everything that ever aspired to wonder, or can reek of binary decay. 733 more words


a poem

reading between the lines

the air is perfection, like a fine silken shawl wrapping
a pale blue cloud puff streaked sky that envelops,
the twittering of bird calls a stereophonic wall, 53 more words


Wordy Whoops

Wwwednesday–Words. Or Work. Whatever.

Last Friday, because it was the day before vacation started and I was, as I said, getting ready for another Labor Day weekend at Youth Conference, I drove out to Camp with Oscar and poked around the closets in the Lodge to see which of the supplies we had that we need every year. 282 more words

Words About God

a poem-ish

We’re at the height of its fiery heat,
though by the wheel’s turning we are already into the descent.
A banana tree in the back yard has grown by feet this past week alone, 163 more words