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What drives this machine

FRIDAY! That’s a reason to celebrate! Unless you have to work tomorrow. But if you, don’t it’s the finish line! Until next week. But then there’s Christmas! 1,641 more words


I never thought

I never thought

I never thought a single thought that was original
but have recycled through the bin of words and prose
that has been part of the Akashic records throughout time. 46 more words


Select your character! Press start!

This would have been lovingly crafted for you yesterday, but Lucifer decided it was a fine time to establish his flagship red-light whimsical-hell-themed amusement park inside my sinus cavity. 3,401 more words


Good Songwriting Gets Dangerous

(This post is mostly a review of the song “Who Would Have Dreamed” from the new Sovereign Grace Music album. Click the image above to find more information about this great album.) 693 more words

The Prose and The Bar

Ooh is it Friday? I think it’s Friday.

This morning, I’m honing in on the final outline for Swordwaltzer, listening to some Blues Saraceno (seriously, look him up), and planning out the weekend, which also just happens to contain my wedding anniversary. 1,510 more words


a poem

Keeping it in

It’s been so long since words have arisen,
febrile staccato of nerves keeps much from escaping;
clutching and clenching tight on the slip of emotion, 120 more words


NaNoWri...not really.

I’ve an odd confession to make, as spurned on by a question i get asked almost every year around this time on the calendar.

I’ve never actively participated in National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo as the truncation goes. 1,451 more words