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The longest night

Dark is the night
And long it lasts
My demons dwell
On matters past

I lie awake
And close my eyes
I wait for sleep… 36 more words

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New life from old

There blows a wind of change
Across the land I call home
I close my windows
But still I hear it
Sometimes softly, whispering gently…
182 more words


Sleepless nights

Nobody knows the troubles we keep
The endless thoughts that cheat us of sleep
We try to distract but they just will not cease
All’s silent and dark but there’s no inner peace… 49 more words

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Leonardo's Garden

You may not know this but high up above the small town of Vinci in the hills of Tuscany, surrounded by olive trees and with views across vineyards and rolling green countryside is the house Leonardo da Vinci was borne and grew up in. 220 more words


Each Morning - Hastily written for Hastywords

Hastywords is one of my favourite bloggers, prolific, profound, bold, touching, and thought provoking.
I penned it quickly in response to her post about the sad moments of everyday routine life. 150 more words

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Spiky on the outside

I saw these and it just reminded me of what autumn is about. When it looks like everything is dying off it isn’t always the end but the beginning of a new phase. 167 more words

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There are some things we just have to experience to understand.

I couldn’t stand listening to them whine. My classmates, my co-workers, my friends and my family coming to me and sucking my positive energy dry. 875 more words


dodgysurfer reblogged this on Dodgysurfer's Blog and commented:

Re-posting this for several reasons. The post itself expresses so much that I can relate to but could not express so explicitly or powerfully. Even the title raises many thoughts. 'People like me'. Is it a plea? A statement? An expression? And the subject matter talks about how difficult it can be to really understand what one person is going through unless we have experienced something similar. Or unless we read blogs like hers maybe. This blogger writes so effectively. Sometimes cutting through the murk so effectively she has me wiping my eyes, sometimes dark and deep and mysterious, sometimes bizarre and confusing, but isn't that just how our own thoughts are? The posts are never boring and always thought provoking, the photos are usually incredibly artistic and well crafted. Anyway, please take a look if you don't mind peeking under the covers once in a while, lifting the bonnet/hood to peer at the oily machinations that propel this vehicle and many others through the obstacle course of life...