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From a Son to his Father

My memories as a small child are filled with the wonder of things you showed me
So many of those things are with me today… 365 more words

Wordy Stuff


Today was one of those days.
One of those Sundays when it’s windy and there’s a good chance of rain and you’re feeling the need to get out, so you drive somewhere for a walk, but when you get there and the clouds are building and shedding a few drops you start thinking it’s not a great idea, but you go with it and hope it doesn’t get worse. 512 more words



This place that I love
Rolling, green and rich
Its beauty holds me fast

Familiar and comforting
I feel each season pass
Signs of change I know so well… 140 more words



Paint flaking and cracked
Once primary colours faded to pastels
Varnished decks dull and matte
Exposing grey weathered grain

The anchor set and buried long ago… 101 more words


Sands of Time

Foot prints show where I have walked
And as I stand, the sea lapping at my feet
I watch the prints change
Each encroaching wave gently covers, and just as gently retreats… 436 more words