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Wordy Wednesday


can·des·cent /kanˈdesənt/ adj. 1. glowing with, or as with, heat

This is Christmas. Lights, candles, glitter, fire. The excitement in children and the sparkle in loved ones eyes. 212 more words


Wordy Wednesday - Comments, Please?

So far, there are twenty-five of you great followers on this blog and thirty-one on the other blog. That warrants a happy face ( :) ) 191 more words


Wordy Wednesday

nostomania \nos-tuh-MEY-nee-uh, -MEYN-yuh\ n. 1. an irresistible compulsion to return home; intense homesickness.

This is now a feeling I’m most familiar with having now experienced my first semester at college. 197 more words


Week in Review: 24 Nov. - 30 Nov. 2014

I hope that you all have had a wonderful Thanksgiving week!  My week has been crazy, not quixotic, just crazy.  I had a bunch of family activities and it was a lot of fun.   140 more words

Fun Facts


In light of Thankgiving, some things I am thankful for.

The sun and how it decided to come out the past couple of days. I was very much in need of some vitamine D. 159 more words

Wordy Wednesday

Wordy Wednesday - Thankfulness

It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving (or the day before Thanksgiving!) without a post on thankfulness! Although a few days off from work and delicious food make for a great break, this holiday is about so much more! 579 more words


Wordy Wednesday

WORDY: using or containing many (usually too many) words

I embrace Wednesdays in my own way. In lieu of a photo, I offer you this random collection of other people’s words that impacted me this week as well as a handful of new words I added to my vocabulary.

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Wordy Wednesday