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I have worked for over 29 years and I don’t think I have ever come across someone as condescending and who creeps me out as much as one of our new interim directors. 276 more words


The Matter of a Millimeter

I sat beside him with a ruler and showed him how small a millimeter is, and how many of them it takes to make a centimeter. 498 more words

God's Love

The Sell-Out

Welp, I did it. A year after being involuntarily freed from perdition, I went and sold my soul back to the greedy, soul-sucking devil known as financial services. 998 more words


Redefining Leadership-Joe Stowell book review

Like a boat getting swept up in the strong currents of a river, it is very easy for leaders in our culture to be obsessed with outcomes. 129 more words

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Here’s how our Saturday went:

8 a.m. Jason arrives home from work (hooray!). I am still in bed reading, but have been awake since 6:45 a.m. 417 more words


That's Not Hummus

I pride myself on healthy eating.

It’s my thing.

But I’ve been slipping lately. I work from home. It’s intense and hurried. I cram my work into the times my children are at camp and daycare, and I cram my food in, too. 589 more words