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Losing Weight without Losing Identity

When I moved from San Jose, CA to Phoenix, AZ I had to get a new driver’s license which meant a new driver’s license photo.  They say the camera adds 20 pounds so when I saw the photo I was a little alarmed.   1,107 more words


my helpful tips for dealing with ikea furniture

This week I was put on the task of assembling IKEA furniture at work. Let me explain. We’re expanding, renovating and opening new wings. This means beautiful new locales. 225 more words



For the last two days, I was in a classroom working with a group of people.  Heads down, nose to the grind stone cranking things out.   734 more words


Gingersnaps. The art of the hand-me-down gift

If you don’t recycle gifts, you have most definitely been the receiver of a hated item. You won’t know it, but you’re a hand-me-down victim (probably repeat). 282 more words




Harp of the Spirit
History of Ancient Kings


As I look at the lovely paintings and carvings and churches I cannot help but realize that, however much they were inspired by a greater vision and faith, these pieces of art and architecture were done by the hand of man. 175 more words

I have worked for over 29 years and I don’t think I have ever come across someone as condescending and who creeps me out as much as one of our new interim directors. 276 more words


The Matter of a Millimeter

I sat beside him with a ruler and showed him how small a millimeter is, and how many of them it takes to make a centimeter. 498 more words

God's Love