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Code, Sleep, Repeat And My Attempt To Still Be A Good Father

It’s been a stressful week and a half since my last post.

I am starting week five at The Iron Yard in the mobile engineering course and to say that I already feel like a different person would be an understatement. 582 more words

productivity, sexism, or a less sexy explanation.

I apparently attended the same session at the ASA conference as Scott Jaschik yesterday, one on Gender and Work in the Academy. He must have been the guy with press badge who couldn’t wait to fact-check his notes during the Q&A. 819 more words


Bending over Backwards, Rebecca Huntley tells us how it is

Many Mothers will relate to this Age article by Rebecca Huntley. The article talks very frankly about the pull to be  the best possible mother as well as the pull  to support the family financially. 48 more words


Mom, Nikki, and the Queen

It was one month before Mom turned 90 – I knew that. It was three months before she died – I didn’t know that. We were in her small photo-lined room in the assisted living facility outside Seattle. 1,102 more words

Parents to be equipped with more assistance balancing work and family

As a Work-Family Sociologist, I was tremendously happy when I came across this story in the Herald.
Simply … work interferes with family (and family interferes with work) … and the proposed changes outlined in the article would help mediate these concerns. 140 more words

New Zealand

your dissertation is as important as your dog.

I just wrapped up a two week course for graduate students on effective and engaging teaching in the social sciences and humanities. The first day of class, as we talked about issues we’d like to cover over the session, one student asked how to ensure that teaching doesn’t take up all her time so that she can actually finish her dissertation. 286 more words