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New job

I have spent 2 days at the new job, and it’s been eventful. I am pretty much dazed and confused but trying to act as if I have it all together, as I usually do. 440 more words


5 Ways to Turn Millennials off at Work

Promoting a healthy and sustainable work culture is more important now than ever. With the infusion of multiple generations in the workplace, it is almost unavoidable to face the different values and opinions among employees. 905 more words


The Evolution of Praise in the Workplace

Work can be a funny place sometimes. It’s a world unto itself – with rules, etiquette, and an internal vernacular that are as individual and varied as the people that work within them. 649 more words

Business World

When should you just stay home from work?

Back in June, on a Sunday, my then-fiancé was in a car accident with his brother and dad. Without boring you with too many details on the factors we dealt with post-accident, let me just assure you it was a stressful couple of days. 362 more words

Our Company

Google's Internal Communications

There’s a reason Google is the best place to workin the world and why it has shattered records and continuously ranks above all other companies. 280 more words

Cover Your Ass Work Culture

Perhaps the word “ass” captured your attention. I dont know. Maybe the word “culture” did. But then again, I wont know either.

Have you ever step into someone’s office and feel welcome and great? 498 more words


Who’s in charge of you?

Are you the CEO of your own life?  PCI believes every person has the potential to achieve great things, especially given the right tools and support.  202 more words

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