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The Culture of 21st Century Employees

Being naturally inclined to analyze culture in all its forms, I have noticed some very interesting trends in 21st century work culture, especially in regards to the complete polar difference in the employee culture of the generation that came before me and the generation that I am a part of. 1,446 more words


Rubyist Satisfaction Survey

Believe it or not, Ruby was crated to bring smile upon programmers. Thats the primary motive of it. But once you start adding management guys and administration to it, you end up in a mess. 121 more words

Surviving the first few weeks of a new job

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I started a new job last Monday – but it feels like I’m on a memory crash course rather than surviving it. 796 more words


The Struggle of the Juggle: the art of training new employees


Step 1: Bounce a ball back and forth in a consistent manner.  (Note: This is the most crucial step and consistency is key! Do not move on to step two until you are able to master this action with your eyes closed or even in your sleep?) Step 2: Add in ball number two. 201 more words

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Notes on Vulnerability

I’ve felt defeated, weak, embarrassed, and uncertain. Vulnerable. It’s interesting how many insecurities a person can have, and more interesting that our natural reaction to others’ insecurities is rejection.  403 more words


Bringing our work home..think about it!!

Bringing our work home..think about it!!


  • Bringing you wok home means bringing all the stress,targets,deadlines and other office stuff..
  • Home is a place of peace, relaxation and refreshing environment, if you bring your work home then you lose the difference between both (office&home).
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Short Naps Boost Productivity and Lower Risk of Heart Attack


In a house with small children, naptime is war. One side of the battle is firmly entrenched and unwilling to concede. They shout and yell and have even resulted in kicking and stomping their feet on occasion. 518 more words