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Heart to Heart

A vital part of PCI’s “notthebigcompany” culture is community service.

The weekend of September 22nd, more than 70 PCI associates and their families and friends joined together to “make a difference” by refurbishing a home in South Dallas.  216 more words

Workplace Culture

Unlimited Vacation vs. Unlimited Work

Recently, Richard Branson has made the “startling” claim that he wants everyone to have unlimited vacations.

At first glance it seems like any and all anti-work advocate should be behind this but let’s take a closer look. 1,347 more words


The Unusual Brotherhood That Is Advertising- work musings

If we would air a day in agency life in a reality show, the ratings would be off the charts. It’s hard to beat a combination of eccentric people with weird habits (and fetishes) working in the same room. 356 more words


Leaving Work On time

This week is the National Work-Life Week in the UK. The event was launched four years ago to highlight awareness of the need for balance between working life and home life. 136 more words


Japanese Salaryman vs. American Salesman: Are they really this different?

With many different unwritten rules and an emphasis on customer service, it can sometimes be difficult for foreigners to assimilate into Japanese work culture. Steve over at YouTube channel  192 more words


Beware the Cluttered Office

A relative recently spoke to me about her the rage and sense of injustice she feels every time she walks into her office. She works in an open-plan one and, though she has her own desk, she constantly finds it invaded by clutter because her manager uses it as a general dumping ground for his stuff. 775 more words


Challenges For Indian Business And HR Education In Transition

While rummaging through my old files, came across this article that was published in Financial Express Select (Oct 1, 2002, Vol 26) as the Best Student Presentation. 2,026 more words