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Beware the Cluttered Office

A relative recently spoke to me about her the rage and sense of injustice she feels every time she walks into her office. She works in an open-plan one and, though she has her own desk, she constantly finds it invaded by clutter because her manager uses it as a general dumping ground for his stuff. 775 more words


Challenges For Indian Business And HR Education In Transition

While rummaging through my old files, came across this article that was published in Financial Express Select (Oct 1, 2002, Vol 26) as the Best Student Presentation. 2,026 more words


What does it really mean to be a democratic business?

NixonMcInnes, where I work, is one of the top democratic companies in the world, recognised by WorldBlu.

Mu understanding of this has changed, and it’s only starting to become clear what this actually means in practice. 1,080 more words

Organisational Change

Kids & Church

I grew up in the church…as a pastor’s daughter….I go to church now as a pastor, but my siblings don’t ..but they might someday, who knows? 829 more words

The Church Being Born

Japan’s brutal work culture takes a toll

This piece was published by Asia Times Online

The system is debilitating an entire nation; when will the Japanese take action?

The end of last year saw a spotlight turned on women’s working rights in Japan. 1,158 more words


Who’s Afraid of Working Women?

This article was published in The Diplomat.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe may be keen to tout Japan’s untapped labor force, but will he go beyond the rhetoric? 1,315 more words


'Good Idea?' Check First

The world of work is loaded with good ideas that don’t er… work.

The costs of email outweigh the benefits;  Open plan office lower productivity and morale; Saving time by taking fewer breaks means getting less done, not more; Meetings slow down decision-making… 138 more words