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Do You Work in a Culture of Mehdiocrity?

No, my spell checker is not out of order. In fact, I had to fight to get it to stop correcting me.

Mehdiocrity:  A state of being wherein the only acceptable alternatives are to be non-reactive, to be unengaged, or to raise indifference to an art form. 519 more words



Dalam entry ni aku nak ceritakan pengalaman di hari pertama melapor diri di kilang Volkswagen Autoeuropa.

Hari pertama melapor diri di kilang Volkswagen Autoeuropa dan orang yang bertanggungjawab membawa kami ke kilang tersebut ialah Joaquim Correia dan dia lah yang banyak menguruskan kami di pintu masuk dan segala urusan dengan Human Resources Department serta urusan Bas ke tempat kerja. 619 more words


So what is work culture really?

The other day, I overheard an employee talking to her friend about her company’s awesome work culture. “They give unrestricted Internet access, I get to use Facebook and Google Chat! 1,561 more words

Organizational Development

13 Observations about being American, quoted from International Interns

In honor of Independence Day, I wanted to write a post about America, so I’m writing about the first day of my internship. After a morning of paperwork and introductions, HR scheduled two classes on working with different cultures and different generations in a company. 460 more words

Back to the future

1482 days ago I left my employer for a new adventure as a contractor on retainer with a small company.
For 1147 days I lived and breathed that role. 507 more words


Start-up Culture

The start-up culture in Pittsburgh is spreading like wildfire.  It’s great to talk to people who both start and work within these companies.  I find these individuals are typically a little quirky and constantly thinking about work in some form or another.   60 more words

My Thoughts

The talent your company needs may already be on the payroll

In that classic of management science, The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy gives the secret to finding a talented team of people who have intellect, passion, and courage when she says: “if I ever go  735 more words