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So what about the mid-life crisis?

Charlotte and I decide to walk to the lake. The lake is about 10 minutes away, she’s 7, and it’s the first time we’ve walked there together, just the two of us. 516 more words


The 1,000th time

A part of me died that day in the conference room when I botched it with the process decomposition. I had a plan going in, aligned on it with my business owner, and the plan was to plot the as-is process that was already documented and go through that phase by phase, drawing out which parts needed further definition. 565 more words


Home town work culture and you...

This is one topic I really would like to talk about first. Since I have just started here and I feel the changes are drastic and sometimes funny. 703 more words


On the phone

The clock is ticking, 8 minutes left.
I look at my computer screen and type in my password to enter Windows. Welcome the screen says while loading. 863 more words

Food For Thought

Starting on Green

When my older son was in kindergarten (many years ago), his teacher, Mrs. Blaker, had a policy of starting the day on ‘green’. Every child who walked through the door received a green card. 1,810 more words


What Does Imagine Careers Look For When Hiring?

Your team matters more than your product when trying to convince investors to trust you with some of their cash.  But how do you build a good startup team? 415 more words

Our Company

Which Job Pays More?

When we work, we all sell our time for compensation.  We agree to show up and work hard, and our employer, or our clients, agree to pay us. 263 more words

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