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Landing a Job

Landing a job is like landing an airplane.

Now before you say “Oh heck no!”, turn off this post, and decide to be a jobless hobo the rest of your life realize I’m not saying getting a job is as difficult and complicated as landing a plane, just that it has similarities. 953 more words


New Book from Timothy Keller!

Bestselling author Timothy Keller explores the Christian view of work, offering biblical wisdom to help readers build a thriving, balanced professional and personal life.

Find “ 23 more words


The Journey


So often, we focus on what we are going to do next.  Whether it is tomorrow’s lunch plans, next week’s vacation, or the hope that you will be working your dream job within the next year, we are always thinking about the future.   372 more words

Million Dollar Mind Set

One of our Pink Zebra Leader’s shared this today!  Amazing advice to get those wheels turning.  No matter what career you have chosen for your life, where do you fit?  30 more words

Grow up, leaders!

“So you’re the guys that’s going to fix my team,” he said.

“I will certainly frame the issues, find the root causes, create some options for improvement- but you, your leaders, and your teams will cause the real changes.” 230 more words


Don't stop hustlin'

This past week, I had 3 rehearsals, 2 sketch shows, and 1 improv show. 2 of those shows were in one night (a 9pm sketch show at Second City and then a Midnight show again at Second City). 918 more words

5 Easy Ways To Harness Your Motivation In An Hour Or Less

Staying motivated is a struggle for most everyone. Some people have an unwavering source of internal motivation… and unfortunately I’m not one of them. That’s not to say I don’t have internal motivation, because I do. 614 more words