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You Should Just Give Up...

I found myself complaining the other day about something I now don’t even remember what is was about but it got me thinking about fundamentally why my first reaction was to grumble about the issue in the first place? 692 more words


Damnit, Daddy!

We recently celebrated my Dad’s 64th birthday.  Sixty-four might sound older to some people, but my dad is pretty youthful for his age, even if his back does go out sometimes. 815 more words


When Experience Dominates

After a few brief instructions from the art professor, the competition was on.

The first team of pottery students began making their first clay pot with feverish intensity; and the second grabbed #2 pencils and graph paper.   235 more words

Life-Long Learning

I Didn't Go to College To Move Boxes

Once, I  ordered handbook  for my students and they were delivered to our shipping and receiving warehouse.  The warehouse manager indicated that their truck broke down and it would not be repaired in time so that my students would have their handbooks  by the first day of class.   259 more words

Career Management

Light My Fire

It would be nice to know that creative people, whether working in the fields of art, film, dance, or even medical or technical research, wake each morning with a new inspiration bursting from their heads, propelling them to their métier. 1,060 more words

Sharon Pratt

Food for Thought-3 Leadership Lessons from Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld is one of the greatest stand-up comedians of his generation.  One might argue, he brought Kierkegaard and Sartre to America’s television screens for nine seasons by making an existential show about nothing funny.  249 more words


Work ethic

Watching the #oscartrial lawyers gives new meaning to work ethic and hard work! Their attention to detail, their analytic ability is admirable! We can all learn a great deal in watching them to their job and how focused they are ‘in the job’. 172 more words