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Saved by my Work Ethic

During my first semester of college last year, we had a module on Digital Audio and Sound Design. It turns out, that module saved yesterday’s video. 414 more words


Warning: Disaster Zone Ahead

I’m a really hard worker. I’m strong and able-bodied physically. I’m observant and able to anticipate pretty much any need that arises. I’m always polite and courteous and I’m usually even friendly. 408 more words

Surviving Child Abuse

How well do you multi-task?

We are the information generation, and our world moves at the speed of sound.  Change is the only constant.  Our attention is routinely divided between priorities.  324 more words


What you do when noone is watching says Who You Are: Work Ethic

She hung up the phone, rolled her eyes, and mumbled, “They can go get it themselves.” Stephanie works in a fast paced environment – where every day is go, go, go, and then go some more. 810 more words


The Final Countdown - 3...

I should really be packing. I could totally do that. I went to fetch boxes today and everything. Turns out I’d much rather talk to faceless people on the internet, and put off packing for another day. 1,311 more words

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2015 Photo-A-Day 1.23.2015

Work is more fun when you work with talented people who enjoy what they do. Such is the case with the people of IMA. I spent today with a group of coworkers strategizing on some of the prospective accounts we’re working on. 61 more words

2015 Photo-A-Day

#365PictureBooks Day 24 - The girl and the bicycle

“A little girl sees a shiny new bicycle in the shop window. She hurries home to see if she has enough money in her piggy bank, but when she comes up short, she knocks on the doors of her neighbors, hoping to do their… 305 more words

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