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How to Be Profound - and Get Away With It

For the last couple of years, I’ve been grappling with the same question: Is it possible to say something profound without sounding like an asshole? 435 more words


26 Days To Go...

I know this one is a little late…I’m sorry about that…Yesterday was incredibly busy.  But, i’m off today, so let’s hit day 26.

Day 25 will be coming later, and i’ll be recording a post for day 24, otherwise known as Thanksgiving. 1,608 more words

KD X Nash

Steve Nash and reigning NBA MVP Kevin Durant share their childhood dreams of stardom and how they developed the mentality that led them to greatness. … 242 more words


Go Bigger

Way back in the day I used to care about being one of the first people to do something. Now in my career I’m at the point where it’s more important to do learn from what other people are doing and do it way better. 88 more words

Collaboration Is A Work Ethic That Needs Empathy

Have you ever had a conversation with someone and felt you weren’t being listened to?

Have you ever been sharing something important with someone and while you were explaining they interrupted you and said something like… “ 1,052 more words


Gang Starr's Baseline Work Ethic

See time is money kid, and BS walks

Everyone wants something. Money, love, respect, notoriety, knowledge, direction. The it isn’t important, because regardless of what it is, there’s a single word that defines it.

279 more words
Words Of Wisdom

Five things that will help you become a Man.

1. Embrace causality.

Cause and effect. This is something everyone seems to be confused about nowadays. We see the things that happen to us as “out of our control”. 663 more words