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28 Things You Should Never Say To Your Boss

Honesty is the best policy in the workplace — with a few exceptions.

“It’s important to be cautious with what you say to your boss, as even the slightest slip up could make or break your career,” says Ryan Kahn, a career coach, founder of The Hired Group , and author of ” … 1,452 more words


Are Coworkers Paid to be Courteous to One Another?

Ya know, I may be moody and smart-mouthed at times, but one thing I am not is RUDE, unlike some of my privileged coworkers. That’s right. 456 more words


change the toilet approach to work

LAST week I sat down to coffee with a former junior colleague of mine to whom I first revealed my ‘Toilet Approach To Work’ thesis months ago. 722 more words


The Farm of Happiness of an Engineer, on Changing Tracks


Recently, I’d gotten reconnected with a classmate from high school, and I’d found, that he’d experienced a shift in his life, originally, he works as an engineer, at a high tech factory, he’d gotten all the way up to a high managerial position, but, his boss took the investments, ran off, causing the company to shut down, and, he and his colleagues all faced the facts of not having a job anymore. 589 more words


A Blog of Reblogs

Hello, can’t you be ORIGINAL, and come up with the things you post on your own blogs ON your own, instead of plagiarizing someone ELSE’s ideas?   182 more words


Things You Should Never Say To Your Boss!

Ok, a boss is someone in charge of an employee or organisation. Right?

If so, not everyone then should be concerned about what to say or what not to say to a boss since not everyone is employed by someone else or organisations. 1,347 more words


Business Law and Ethics|Legal Underpinnings of Business Law

  Today it is apparent that businesses in the United States have had problems with their owners’ and managers’ practices of being transparent and free from fraudulent activity concerning  dealings with partners, employees and consumers. 1,721 more words