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Getting Your hands Dirty

There will be days when you doubt your work -

Wonder if you’re ‘Good Enough’

That’s when you need to remind yourself that nothing good can be revealed without the hard work that comes first… … 74 more words

If the Falsifying of One’s Own Thesis Happened in the U.S.

Written by a retired university professor, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The two instructors who were found to have falsified their dissertation from the scholastic morality specialist team from the technology department told the two instructors who were suspected of having falsified their thesis, that they will NOT have the right to apply for their plans of research to get passed, and these two instructors may well end up, getting fired from the universities as well. 685 more words


My Best Advice: LoveYou, Be Excellent In All You Do [True Story]

My best advice is to love you, prove your doubters wrong by working hard and giving 100% to everything you commit to doing. Even the simple things like “washing dishes” or “answering the phones” you should do with excellence. 558 more words


"El camino del infierno"

Path-finding. This usually comes before establishing the idea. You need to find the right path and of course this can relate to the steps taken after the idea has been implemented (the logistics, distribution, methods of market-capturing etc). 183 more words

Human Resources

Linkedin endorsements - The new form of social flattery?

Lot of people are endorsing me and some of the endorsements looks like a wish list of mine. While I have done some work in software engineering, general management and lot of work in project management, I get endorsements for Software architecture, Information strategy planning, entrepreneurship. 132 more words


AgileSelfie - a personal Kanban with 1 as the wip limit

I have this habit of getting into too many activities and then not completing any. A change from multitasking to single tasking is helping me to come out of this problem. 58 more words