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Empathy and Work Ethics: Why And Where They Should Meet

How we build relationships and communicate with each other has changed from 30, 20, even 10 years ago… and is continuing to change. 

People from all generations are rushing around, communicating by tapping the screens of smartphones and tablets vs. 713 more words


#agileselfie - The new agileselfie manifesto is out.

Agility of the mind
Agility of the body
Agility of the soul by;

Maximising the amount of unwanted thoughts not thought.

Maximising the amount of unwanted work not done. 46 more words


The Good Old Boy and Modern Education

WARNING: This is a long bloody post.  Apologies in advance.  You were warned.

As a substitute teacher, I see many different types of students.  I teach (if you can call it teaching) in a county that’s pretty well split down the middle between an affluent west, along the coast of the Chesapeake Bay, and a poorer, rural east.  1,427 more words

Vanitas Vanitatum

#agileselfie - Art of nothing

I just completed lot of tasks and relaxing with a black coffee, the next immediate question is ‘what next?’. Actually I am really enjoying the pause between tasks, the moments when there is nothing to do. 73 more words


Prolix on Productivity and Peace of Mind*

*Excuse the dire attempt at alliteration…

Don’t you love it when you have a productive day? There’s something so satisfying about it. I constantly feel like I am on the go with hardly a moment to breathe but it is worth it to feel like I’ve achieved something in my day – a wasted day makes you want to bang your head against the wall. 381 more words


#agileselfie - Everything starts with a simple act

I was alone in the lift and found out that someone has left some garbage in the lift. I had three options. Ignore it, report it to the facility manager or just clear it. 122 more words