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How Many "No's", Before the Final Yes

On perspectives…

How many “no’s”, before the final “yes”? A ton?  Two TONS?  Three, four, even FIVE T-O-N-S?  How many times, must you face your rejections, before success comes onboard your ship, plane, or whatever it is you’re currently on? 88 more words


Alienated from Team Nurse

I have been hospitalised once in Zambia at the University Teaching Hospital (UTH). I dreaded it from the start because I had heard one too many horror stories. 1,015 more words


The Cost of the thing...

I quit my job Saturday. Yes, the job I accepted 8 days prior.  I worked four shifts and I completed about 2 hours of employee training.   1,695 more words



Exhibit A:

An approach that involves feelings. 

They say you’re the kind of person easily fascinated by others as long as you click with them emotionally. 174 more words

From a Novice to a Professional

Survival skills in the corporate world, translated..

When I saw Hua again, even though he’d already over fifty, he still had the zest and the drive like a thirty, forty year old kid, filled with fighting spirit, he’d smiled and told me, “Even though, I’d met my share of misfortunes these couple of years, but they never beaten me down, I’m not more intelligent than other people, but I have a skill, making everything that’s unprofessional, and make it into professional quality.” 738 more words


Working Effectively In A Serviced Office – Liverpool Street Entrepreneur’s Guide

When you’re running a business, you can’t get your personal problems get in the way. To become an effective entrepreneur, you’ll need to focus on the business itself only. 379 more words

Business Tips

How To Built Loyalty In Others

This is a true life story from India on how loyalty can be built and sustained.

There were about 70 scientists working on a very hectic project. 391 more words