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ratpag Finds Ways For You to Save Time Because You're Busy and You Don't Have Time for That Shit (Pro-Telecommuting)

So many of our sources that discuss the benefits of telecommuting are over 10 years old. Why? Is it because ratpag isn’t thorough? Is ratpag lazy? 769 more words


How manning a booth made me learn 5 marketing lessons

As far as I can remember, I only had one experience of manning a booth. It was during high school, when I signed up for the Radio Booth of my high school Media Club during our foundation day. 1,033 more words

Exceptional VA Tutorials

What are your odds of Success? (The answer will shock you)

The other day I was talking to a friend of mine who asked me…

“Vance, if I join your team, what are my ‘odds’ of success?” 491 more words

6 Figure Income

Some Things to Keep in Mind About Your Remote Employees

There are some remote workers that describe their work from home experience on collective blogs or popular websites like the Huffington Post as if they would write a comic sketch… 210 more words

Remote Staff

Get paid Taking picture- A review

A review for get paid for taking picture ( getpaidtakingpictures )

Get paid for taking picture review.
Is the Get Paid Taking Pictures System Work correctly? 386 more words

Get Paid For Taking Picture

Oh, hayyyyy. ✌️

Long time no see! Or uhhh….read?

So I feel like too many things have happened, or I could just be too excited about things and they become huge deals. 239 more words

2015 is coming, so is YEVO, are you ready?

YEVO is about to do something in the $4.3 Trillion dollar food industry that has NEVER been done before with its revolutionary nutrient rich/whole based food products that are non-gmo and infused with 43 essential nutrients, 20+ grams of protein, omega 3’s and lots of fiber. 216 more words

Dehydrated Food