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Jamberry for Salons

Hello Salon Owners!

Thank you for your interest in Jamberry Nail Shields. Jamberry Nails launched on Oct 1, 2010. In only the first few months, the company was greeted with interest and sales that surprised even the most optimistic predictions. 622 more words

Application Process!


1. Clean unpolished nails with alcohol wipe and push back cuticles
2. Match nail (finger or toe)to the wrap that best fits
3. Peel nail wrap from sheet using tweezers (do not touch back with fingers) 267 more words

Custom Orders with Nail Art Studio


Our custom nail creator is the ultimate tool for everyone, from beauty junkies looking to personalize their routine, to small businesses looking for unique and creative ways to market to women. 205 more words

Join the Jamberry Team!

I’m so excited that you have expressed an interest in Jamberry Nails!  There truly is no other party plan like it, and the room for growth is exponential! 1,664 more words

When Working Remotely Offers so Many Time Saving Benefits, Why Work in an Office?

Recent Forrester research found that two thirds of information workers are already remote workers, and it’s a trend that’s only going to grow.

This doesn’t stop many managers getting nervous, though, at the prospect of having staff doing work on the internet from home and away from their watchful gaze. 539 more words


Take the one week Challenge

Take the one week challenge today with Avon

Would you like to try the one week Avon challenge today and show your friends and family the Avon book and also use the online book exclusive to you today for free ? 192 more words

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