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Dear Colleague,

Thank you so much for coming to our staff meeting today to give an overview of the new ordering system.  We all felt a lot better after seeing the new software in action, and it answered a lot of questions.   45 more words

Work Humor


Just a quick note, folks. I’m finally back to being able to type a bit quicker now. Had a little more trouble than I figured before but now I’m back at it, and with a new job to boot. 17 more words


The "New" Year

Every vice you didn’t quit
advice you didn’t give
all the work you didn’t do
just catching up with you

Resolutions come and gone
balls dropped… 135 more words


Life (In Layman's Terms)

It’s a rut.
The tire dug a hole and
then got stuck.
You can rock it,
forward and reverse,
but grooves manufactured only
make the damned thing… 143 more words


Humor #197

Interview Excerpts

The following, allegedly, are actual post-interview excerpts collected from middle managers who, needless to say, probably did not hire any of the people mentioned here: 290 more words


Remedy (Just Make it Through)

It’s the only quick fix
answer that we’ve come
up with

Day in and out we
run this endless sort
of drive

Up and at ‘um just… 97 more words