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The "Elvis Presley"

So much of my humor is lost on my coworkers that I wonder why I even keep trying. Any joke or smart-alekly comment usually results in deer-in-headlight looks and them walking away, leaving me to snicker quietly to myself at my desk and then blog about it. 118 more words


The Sleepies

I am not a morning person.

I have this thing I call “the sleepies.” The sleepies is a sleepy alter ego that tries to convince my otherwise logical, awake, caffeinated self to make poor decisions, particularly relating to professionalism, hygiene, and attire appropriate for work. 316 more words

That Happened

The Day I Almost Stopped Living for a Minute: A Dramatic Reenactment

Pretend you are reading a scene from a movie script…

Zero in on a woman sitting at a desk. She is me: a goofy crooked faced, bundle of forty six year oldness with very messy hair…but you already know this from my website picture… 1,504 more words

Archive Posts

63 Crayons

We are all touched with the ‘special stick’ here at work.

And (for whatever reason) Thursdays seem to bring the crazy out of us the most.  142 more words

Dysfunctional Happenings

Egg Crates (Not Those Kind)

My first official full-time paid job as a surgical tech was at a surgery center next to a hospital. That place was good experience. Partially because I was in neat cases, and partially because it was nutty and I learned to stand up for myself, and patient safety. 491 more words

Day To Day (& Today)

Animals Become Dentist

Teeth is singular of tooth, These are so small and calcified in our month, Human teeth are so helpful to break down the food mostly teeth working same in animal month but some of meet eating animals teeth are so strong and animals use teeth for hunting and defense form other dangerous animals. 123 more words