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Burbon and Bad Ideas

Klonopin and coffee
wishes and regrets
Grey Goose in my water jugs
hearts of innocence

Crushed up pills and candy
morals and blind luck
a thousand euphoric little beasts… 176 more words



I deserve a lil’
for dealing with these
morning woes
I’ve got one hand
(the other’s too busy
holding my coffee)
demanding a raise simply… 119 more words


A Bit Of Advice From The Old Sage

No matter what you do, don’t ever, ever, take your cellphone to the bathroom with you when you are at work. Don’t be like me.  That’s all I’m saying…


51 Thoughts We All Have After a Long Weekend

1. It possibly be Monday already. It was just starting to feel like a mini vacation, and the realization that I have to go back to being me makes me want to give up on life. 589 more words


Would You Like Your Burger Medium Soaked Or Well Drenched?

It’s Barbecue Thursday, Modern Philosophers.

It wouldn’t be Summer in Maine if the grills weren’t lit, and burgers and hot dogs weren’t being prepared for the hungry masses. 350 more words


Oh the things we hear as hygienists......phrases that make us smile.

  • Are you finding my breakfast in there?
  • My gums didn’t bleed until you started stabbing me!
  • Dental hygiene is a great career if you don’t want to go to college.
  • 60 more words
Work Humor