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The Art of the Blank Wall

From the Artist deep within to the writer looking at the screen we all have the Blank Wall come up. For some of us it more often than others. 1,307 more words


Almost there

Almost there. Hoped i could finish it today, but the fates conspire against me (think I’m getting the flu).  It could be printed in detail plastic, but as you can see, normal plastic has a few things it doesn’t like. 46 more words

Her Name Is Emma

Her name is Emma.  She is my favorite protagonist to  date, and it’s been a pleasure writing her.

Her name means “whole” or “complete”, which fits perfectly with her story.


A Master List

I’m guessing that you’re one of the gainfully employed, and that, at the moment, you’re sitting somewhere you’d really rather not be.

Two can play at… 713 more words

Work In Progress

Can I get a caster painted this month? - Update 9: Done!

Painted! Gamed with, and defeated :(

As you have seen in update 8 I have succeeded in painting Butcher1 this month. However somewhere I am sure I mentioned taking part in a slow grow WM league at my… 295 more words



This face.

This face is inspiring me right now.

I love werewolves.

Samhain Horror

Day 8 3D Modeling update

I think i cam going to scrap the whole building flat from a square and try more of a shield like then building back approach, hopefully this will produce a more elegant outcome (in terms of minimal conflicting shapes).