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Six and one: the Broncos record after this evening’s victory over San Diego. It’s also a good ratio of champagne to OJ in a quality mimosa. 187 more words

Getting organised

So, the conference paper for Hong Kong is written, and the shortened presentation is worked out.

My presentation for university is done.

Travel documentation has been printed and the suitcase is packed except for the last minute things. 171 more words

Works In Progress

THESE DAMP STONES, Installment 14

THESE DAMP STONES, a novel-in-progress by Sheryl Monks

The words were strangely soothing, a darksome lullaby. She thought of her baby, and a sudden urge to go home came over her. 452 more words


WIP - Crows, Rock, Driftwood + painting birds

After a very, very long time (years?) since I’ve done any oil painting, I started a new canvas recently, based on a monotype I did last month. 106 more words

Work In Progress

Monthly Round-up: October 2014

(Cross-posted on the WriteClub blog)

It’s October already. Tthis month is mostly known as being Hallowe’en season. And for me it’s also the month of my birth. 240 more words


The first of five chapters of my upcoming novelette-length epic fantasy origin tale is polished to a shine. One down, four drafted-out chapters to go. The cover is also completed and looking gooooood! 64 more words


Champions of the Veil Chapter Eighteen

 Our trio of heroes, having survived time traveling to the past, and narrowly escaping demon ridden New Orleans police, are now en-route to Memphis Tennessee to challenge the serial killing demon which framed Robert in the death of a family years before. 2,002 more words

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