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Letter From the Author

Absolutely everyone I meet inspires me in some way. Customers at work, people I went to school with, strangers I glimpse for mere moments … beloved characters from my favorite stories. 205 more words

Short Stories

The learning environment for my ELL...

From my experience with my ELL student in a second grade classroom, I have sadly seen a lack of focus on developing their understanding and use/manipulation of language. 224 more words

Work In Progress

Come Fire, Come Water, Come Karma, We're all in Transition

As deadlines approach and progress is made, my latest project is all-consuming. I am somewhere between extremely stressed about how and when to finish between two jobs and extremely stoked on how much is done. 189 more words

Last duster completed!

Work In Progress

Thoughts from Day 1

The first day of 90 includes several five minute writing exercises. This is an excerpt of what I worked on this morning. It doesn’t tell anything about the actual story, so there is no plot spoiler. 244 more words