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Relax, Recharge, Reunite: Analysis of a Girls' Getaway

I am just heading home from a 4 day weekend with some of my college roommates. We have now known each other for longer than we hadn’t before we met in our late teens. 632 more words

Work Life Balance

The Balancing Act

Working from home has its pros and cons.  Working independently, without the distractions of co-workers or the water cooler gossip is definitely a pro.  On the other hand, working independently, without the distractions of co-workers and water cooler gossip is also a con. 199 more words

People Pleasing, A 12 Step Recovery Program...John Page Burton

We all know people who are serial “people pleasers”. The art of people pleasing is not gender specific nor is it limited to race, religion or culture. 599 more words

In Israel, not just life hangs in the balance—work does, too

When the first siren in my city in Israel blared a little after 9pm on a Saturday night, I grabbed two of my children out of their beds while my husband picked up the other two, one under each arm. 1,957 more words

ten things everyone under 25 who works in agencies needs to know

1) We’re in the business of communication and persuasion, not putting-cool-stuff-on-screens (be they tv, pc or mobile).  Making sure that the right message reaches the right people is what matters.  651 more words


My New Motivational Technique

I went to school for 17 years, nearly all of my life. You’d think that by now I would have figured out how to keep myself organized, on task, and motivated. 320 more words

Healthy Mind

Know who will miss you & act accordingly

Let’s imagine something horrible for a few moments. Let’s imagine that you die. That something unexpected occurs and your life is over. The plans you had, the lives you’ve touched would all be thrown into disarray. 329 more words