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That Dreaded "ToDo" list - for Work From Home Moms

You have got the same ToDo list on your desk – the “fun” ToDo’s don’t even make it to the list, the easy ones get crossed off first, and the hard things continue to be on the list – making us feel overwhelmed, stressed out, and guilty. 522 more words

Work Life Balance

When should you cover up a personal obligation at work?

With summer vacations ending, you may feel there’s no longer an acceptable reason to be away from work. Can you afford to stay home with a sick child or work from home while supervising a contractor now that the season for time off has ended? 727 more words


Where I Am Now...

I’ve had a number of new followers in the recent past.  So glad you found my blog helpful!  I wanted to make sure you knew where to find me now. 42 more words

Living With Stroke

Downsized Living in an Up Market Neighbourhood

A year ago we had it all.

We both had successful, highly paid jobs. Our kids were happy and doing well at school. We lived in a beautiful inner city suburb and were about to sign off on a renovation that would turn our modest bungalow into a beautiful family home. 327 more words


DIY Social Media Workshop - Williamsburg, Sat., 9/20/14 at 9am

Social media marketing can be quite overwhelming and time‐consuming. After all, it is public relations, customer service, advertising, sales AND marketing all rolled into one. And social media isn’t just posting to Facebook: 145 more words

Social Media Marketing For Small Businesses

"Work-Life Integration"

66 days until launch

“Work-Life Integration”

I recently came across this article on zady.com. It really struck a chord as I imagine we are all feeling that “Sunday night dread” of fall approaching – when the impending onslaught of serious obligations and packed schedules start to give us heart palpitations.  204 more words

Proper Care and Feeding of the Introvert, from an Extrovert

By Jennifer Kohnhorst

I’m an extrovert, and I’m a creative, and in that I believe I’m somewhat of a rarity. I love to write, but to be honest, I prefer talking about writing. 588 more words

Agency Matters