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My Real Work Life Balance

On Monday between the hours of 8-5:30 I did an amazing amount of laundry and also had a really productive work day. I even squeezed in a 20-minute workout and made a quinoa and spinach pilaf for dinner (no one but me ate it, but I made it). 582 more words

Family Life

Visits and projects and walking, oh my!

My sister Hannah came to visit me and Evelyn this past weekend, and she brought along her new(ish) boyfriend, Jake. It was so nice having family here over the long weekend. 389 more words


Shit No One Tells You

I haven’t done one of these waxing poetic posts in quite sometime, and frankly I’m procrastinating on Book 3 edits. Today, was a triumph, of sorts, for me. 527 more words

Balancing Act: The Life of a Busy PA!

A day in the life of a busy PA!  LabCoatGigs Partner, Rocelious Goodson, PA-C shared his Saturday routine from last weekend which depicts a busy combination of Work/Life Balance.   173 more words

Have You Bought Into the Cult of Overwork?

Here’s a quick checklist from Greg Marcus’ book “Busting Your Corporate Idol” that can tell you if you are exhibiting signs of chronic overwork and have internalized corporate “work before all” priorities. 533 more words

Workplace Issues

I'm in! 2014 Saint Paul Art Crawl

Excited to announce that I’m showing some paintings at the Acme Academy of Art during the Saint Paul Art Crawl along West 7th Street!

Here’s the promo:  “Join us during Saint Paul Art Crawl along West 7th on Saturday, April 26, noon-6pm, and experience the art and artists living and working in the West 7th Street and Little Bohemia Neighborhoods!   64 more words

Shiny Things

Living to work or working to live?

I’ve spent the better part of my 20s “living to work” – ever since I found a passion for marketing and specifically in healthcare, I’ve loved my job. 314 more words