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What am I working for?

When it comes to waking up everyday to come to work, I always remember a famous advertisement line saying “Para kanino ka bumabangon?”  Why am I really working hard? 708 more words

The Happiest Age, And The Factor That Matters Most

I receive a daily digest highlighting new research on happiness, and I’m not going to lie—sometimes, my eyes roll pretty far back in my head while I’m scanning through them. 282 more words

How To Be Happier

What On Earth Does A Technical Marketing Manager Do?

I agree, it’s an unusual title. I think I’ve only ever seen one other person with the same title in the time I’ve had it and I’m pretty sure when I say it most people think “Huh?” So what does a Technical Marketing Manager do? 483 more words

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Wait, the history of social leisure is all about work? What?

As I make my way through the chapters of Gary Cross’s A Social History of Leisure Since 1600, I find myself thinking about that boat ride we took in September, and our discussion about leisure and work. 602 more words

Where should you *actually* go to grad school?

‘Tis the season for grant applications! As we are nearing this very stressful period, I know that lots of you are thinking about what schools you should be attending for grad school next year. 430 more words


Get the Look: Affordable & Professional Handbags

When I was in school, lugging a ton of books back and forth, I went through at least seven bags in three years.  Seven! I felt like Goldilocks because each bag was either too flimsy, too small, too casual, or too expensive.   510 more words

Work Life Balance

Top 5 Advice for bankers changing careers in their 40s

In banking, youth is envied. Unfortunately those in their forties, irrespective of experience or qualifications, the ability to switch careers is limited by the industry’s want of young blood. 765 more words