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Healthy, holistic success: Be curious, be mindful, be brave

The wheel of life — an exercise designed to help people find true balance among all aspects of their lives — typically has eight areas of focus, from social life to personal growth to career. 950 more words

Work-life Balance

Flexible work arrangements

For a lot of my working life, I have worked in the male dominated area of horticulture. This meant that at various points I experienced a lot of macho bullshit, endless discussions of sports that I still don’t understand, frankly disturbing names for female genitalia and a lot of advice about my driving. 822 more words

How are we each good? A physician coach debunks "better"

There we sat: 32 accomplished professionals from around the world.  Physicians, human resource professionals, career counselors, organizational development specialists, coaches – even 3 police officers.  Each day of our recent training in the Myers-Briggs personality inventory assessment ended with a quiz.   523 more words

Physician Communication

9 to 5 emails

When I returned to work at the beginning of January, I made the decision not to receive work emails on my phone anymore. The switch off during December had been wonderful and I decided it’s exactly what I need going into 2015. 352 more words

My Work

Everyone lied about spring semester.

It’s a funny joke to say that when life gets harder, you’ve just “leveled-up”. As though this is all some game. Not quite a game where we’re just gunning for the end, collecting as many coins as possible before we jump down the flagpole and find our princess. 1,229 more words

Grad School

The NQT Classroom: The Power of Doing Less (Rule 1: Don't try to do everything)

Welcome back to my series of posts on the NQT classroom and the second article in the series entitled the Power of Doing Less. This post is inspired by a book I’m reading: ‘The Power of Doing Less’ by Fergus O’Connell and adapted to the classroom situation. 889 more words


Birds of ICRISAT !!

ICRISAT has long been the holy grail of birders in the city. The varied and undisturbed environs encompassing agricultural, wetland, woodland areas play host to a variety of resident and migratory species. 158 more words

Work Life Balance