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Living in Scotland Makes You Fat - Truth or Lie?

There was a recent Panaorama program about this issue. People claiming that living in Scotland was the cause of their becoming fat. At first I thought this idea was ridiculous, but I am now having second thoughts. 1,170 more words

Awesome Australia !!

Being together for 10 days, 24 hrs a day (on the air, in the bus, under the water, on the road, on the plane, yeah yeah, you got the idea) was never been so FUN (and some times annoying too). 2,534 more words

Work Life Balance

The hand that rocks...

The Hand That Rocks the Cradle Cannot Rock the Boardroom 

I came across this session / debate in iqsquared. I had my doubts on this video when I started watching it, but it actually went well :) and had a surprising twist in the end, especially a question that came up from a view at around 30 minute time frame if I am not wrong. 733 more words

The Need to Work Less for More

A recent conversation with a veteran with over 30 over years of experience has sparked an interesting food for thought. To him, all these years, work has not been a breeze. 559 more words


How to be Successful in Life and Marketing

Marketing professional Dr. Mary Lou Kohne spills the beans on living the marketing life how to be successful in industry while still having a “life”. ¬† 873 more words

Semester One Reflection

As I come to the close of my first semester in thesis hours, I thought it would be good to take a moment and reflect on all the things I’ve learned. 968 more words

Graduate School

Lego, Lego and More Lego...

My son must have one of the largest Lego collections a boy could have. We have started a, I suppose you could call it a tradition, of having a new Lego set for him to assemble during his holidays. 314 more words