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Are Australians Working To Live Or Living To Work?

At the YCW, we’ve had many discussions about work-life balance and the impact it has on us as individuals. At our recent National Council we established that ‘work-life balance’ was at the top of the list of concerns for young people based on the data collected from our national survey. 799 more words


Another.  And then another  In the end I think there were 7 in total.

I went after my little plot of land today.  There was a long neglected flower bed abutting the foundations of the front of the house, where crabgrass was cropping up and menacing to overtake the previously established weeds. 749 more words

73 DAYS ON THE WALL - Out of Control #@X?*

73 days until 2015… How are you doing on your 2014 goals?  Have you experienced computer and technology breakdowns that forced your hand this week?  Waiting… waiting… waiting for fixes, sputters and stops; it can be a noxious situation for a fractious mind and pioneer spirit that craves movement to feel satisfied.  629 more words

Achieving Goals

Mothers in the Legal Profession Roundup No. 365

Week of October 13 – 19, 2014

The big news: Full of the Dickens will be welcoming another bundle of joy at high noon tomorrow… 367 more words

Law School

The Traveling Working Mom Part 3

I can’t believe I’ve made it to this post. The final post of my Traveling Working Mom series. Getting to this post means my busy travel time for work has essentially slowed down and I am very thankful for that! 606 more words



There is a certain level of chaos and filth that I can tolerate in my house before it becomes intolerable. For example, currently there are at least three pairs of shoes, four socks, a wrapper from something that one of the kids ate last night, pillows from the love seat, and two blankets all on my living room floor. 1,627 more words

How To Be A Happy Working Parent

Parents are the people who have photos in their wallets instead of cash. It’s an old joke but it often still gets at least a wry smile. 523 more words