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The Ultimate Career Question for Christians (Part 2)

Your Next Triumph: Just a Step Away Series

In Part 1 (link), I set forth five (5) different Career Scenarios you might currently be in now. 329 more words


Working Working Working...But Towards What?

Have you ever found yourself wondering why? Why do you work, why at this place, why for this person? These questions just lead to more questions, which lead to more questions. 237 more words

General Life

I ate my childhood pet

When I was in elementary school I learned about guinea pigs.  I don’t remember if this was a classroom pet or if heard about them at the library, but I wanted one! 380 more words

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Dealing With Jerks In The Work Place

Greetings fellow ruffians, today I’ve decided to give my two cents on a subject that just about everyone has to deal with at one time or another, jerks at the job. 581 more words

Work Life

Remember that

I agree with this 100%!
Love this saying so much :)

My Life

Trinity Grille, Denver

The waiter doubts me, a worn heap
retreating into simplicity and slight
self-abnegation. I prepare myself to fold
into the priestly realm of sleep.

Do I look like a stewardess tonight, 76 more words


Vira the Explorer! :D

hi Guys!

apa kabaaaaaaar? uuuh.. betapa kangennya nge-blog diatas tempat tidur trus bisa guling-guling di hari weekend tanpa ada acara hihi.. *sok sibuk*
mmm..guess what? beberapa hari lagi genap satu bulan saya kerja di kantor perwakilan provinsi kalimantan timur. 232 more words

Work Life