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Boom Or Bust

I recently became a real estate broker here in North Dakota. Many people have an interest in buying a home. Since interest rates are low it is much, much cheaper to buy here than to rent. 536 more words

Work & Money

Window Talk

Finding ways to stay in touch with the family is always a challenge.

Tonight, I am doing my usual routine of fully stretching myself across the bed, so I can reach my phone next to the window. 346 more words

Work & Money

Who We Are

The Bakken worker has been stereotyped as a hard working, hard drinking, strip bar frequenting, young man with money to burn. It is not true but makes for good reading. 452 more words

Work & Money

100 Thousand

When you come to the Bakken you will probably make 100k but what does it buy? The much anticipated coupons came out in the local paper and I’m scouring the ads for cheap meat. 458 more words

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The Money

Wages differ from job to job and company to company but everyone will make a good wage. Even WalMart pays 18 bucks an hour. Of course, they probably offer no housing, or much overtime, which means you cannot afford to work there unless you are living with several people. 254 more words

Work & Money

No Turning Back

It was already cold in late October when I arrived back in North Dakota. I had prepared the family and the van for a long stay. 338 more words

Work & Money