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Learn something new a day ! Make your one day journey, 24 hours of your life worth the trip !

Work Motivation

That 1 Degree Difference - Performance, Performance, Performance.

Did we ever realise that every work we do, every task we perform have our signature to it?
The end result of every task we perform reflects of our credibility, our face value. 544 more words

Work Motivation

Thought For The Day - Not Getting What We Want.

Sometimes in life we do not get everything that we want. Material things, Money, Happiness, Peacefulness and so forth. And in not getting what we want, we tend to scream, angered or getting to be frustrated in life. 456 more words

Work Motivation

Thought For The Day - Unknown

Stepping your feet into the unknown territories only makes you seem a stranger in no mans land.

1. Stick to what you are good at. Otherwise, learn or ask questions to clarify. 135 more words

Work Motivation

Thought For The Day - Stay Put.

Sometimes we may have the best position in our career life and that we are so inspired and motivated to be doing and performing at our best. 401 more words

Work Motivation

Thought For The Day - Be Different

Be different.
Stand out from the others in whatever that you do. Standing out form the others in customer service sets you the WOW factor. Going the Extra mile without questions put you into the Personal Touch zone. 32 more words

Work Motivation

Success in 20’s, Is it Possible?

“Can I just have a little more time to sleep?”

It’s 5am, and you have to push yourself to get up, rush to the bathroom, and think of your OTD (Outfit for the Day) to look best in your office.  511 more words