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A Lot About Nothing, and a Little About CrossFit

Writing a blog post today has been kind of a struggle. I’ve tried to start something multiple times, but just keep staring at the blinking curser on the (blank) page. 376 more words


X Post Modern Man Jack: Staying Motivated At The Gym

My post this week on Modern Man Jack is a quick primer on staying motivated to keep exercising week after week. Every January lots of people join gyms but by February 99 percent of the new members have left for good. 21 more words

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Friday in NYC: Epic Grand Opening Party

 If you haven’t heard of Epic Hybrid Training Center, it’s about time you did:

The EPIC workout is a complete training regime that molds people of any fitness level into their optimal shape.

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"Rolling in the Deep" : The Toughest Break-Up Of My Life.

I always refer to running as the most serious relationship I have ever been in.

When we first met, I was hesitant. I mean, I knew running was good for me physically and mentally, but we just hadn’t “clicked” yet. 633 more words

Real Women, Real Results: Lauren's Story

84 days, 12 weeks, three months. That’s all it took for working mother of two Lauren Felton to see huge results when she made the decision to stop beating herself up over her body’s transformation after years of unhealthy habits and childbearing.  668 more words


Changing It Up

Today was a really unique work out day because my lovely sister wanted to get her work out on with me.  We had originally made plans the day before to wake up early the following morning to play tennis at the nearby park, but I ended up waking up late and underestimated how many people in the 714 actually play tennis.   363 more words

Work Out

Diet Cheating

Summer time happy times, went to my friend’s cottage on the weekend. Started with the best intentions.. ended with…less than that. Friday we had a fire, and I did not have a smore! 519 more words