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Yesterday I did the Hip Dance class and ran 3m afterwards. Once again a really good class, she switched it up a bit and threw in some ass moves. 413 more words


Wallace Wong Mood Piece

This was for an assignment for my documentary class.

This was my first try at a documentary, and enjoyed it very much. There were a few things which I noted during this experience: 35 more words


I made it!

…under the 300 mark, that is! I’m not low enough that it might not fluctuate back up yet, but I will be soon! It felt so good to see a “2″ at the beginning of the number on the scale this morning!!!!! 84 more words

Nutrition Challenge ~ COMPLETE!

Monday marked the final day of the nutrition challenge I had been participating in with my boot camp. I do not really consider myself to be a competitive person, but I find having a group of motivated people around me brings out the competitiveness. 307 more words


Boxing as a workout for women

This workout method is one of the most equalizing in the way that women aren’t felt sorry for during a training session regardless of how grilling the session is. 555 more words

My feet on a long day out

So went to my gyn today and saw my doctor’s PA another woman white in her 50′s or older, she was pretty nice :). So apparently I have a fibroid and a cyst yay me. 72 more words

A bit of a dip

I´ve got a dip in motivation. I´m working out, I´m trying to eat correctly and I´ve got my goals and a plan on how to get there, but for some reason it´s hard to remember why I shouldn´t eat that cookie or why I should go out and run instead of playing games on my cellphone. 133 more words