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To BFF or not to BBF.....that is the question

After completing another employee survey, I was left pondering the statement “I have a best friend at work”. Could this really be an accurate element to measure work satisfaction with, more importantly did this statement make a difference in your success at work? 958 more words



Respeto. El respeto es esencial en cualquier relación, ya sea laboral, comercial o personal.

Sin embargo, se puede decir que un elemento esencial en todos estos ambitos para alcanzar el respeto mutuo es la… 116 more words

Bring your whole self to work... and win

Many of us pride ourselves on our ability to compartmentalize, especially at the office. We separate our professional lives from our personal lives. Somehow, somewhere we learned that being a professional meant leaving our personal lives at home as soon as we step into the office.  413 more words


At The Raleigh (Niki & Gerald Go Out for Drinks)

Chapter 49

In an upscale restaurant overlooking Santa Monica Bay, I’m standing behind a long table. Every seat is filled with PICU nurses, and staff from other departments celebrating Kris’s bridal shower. 920 more words

Part 1: California

Investing in Success

By Evie Wiseman

We hear the phrase “student engagement” a lot, and for good reason. Education professionals and advocates are quickly realizing that even with well-developed curriculums, actionable assessment tools and innovative resources, capturing students’ interest and motivating them to take ownership of their learning experiences are key levers to successful educational outcomes. 210 more words


Business is Personal: How Our Personal Awareness Affects Our Work Dynamics

In the workplace, we are often navigating through challenging situations that require effort. It takes hard work to work well with others. Cultivating an understanding of our own personal awareness in relation to our communication with others is the essential ingredient to productive business relationships. 667 more words