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Roadside Treasure Finds

I spotted three of these plastic objects on the side of the interstate today and I just had to turn around and pick them up. Now, I don’t know what they are. 118 more words

Work Shop

Casting process. Lost wax casting.

Because we do custom work, I explain the casting process all the time. The whole thing from front start to finish is very interesting. However, It is a long procedure with a lot of down time between steps, so it is something the customer can not just stick around to watch. 507 more words

Custom Design

Refinish ring. Number one goldsmith tip

When I refinish a ring, instead of sanding out dents, scratches and dings, I use a number of burnishing burs to move and push the metal into the dings. 179 more words



I picked up an old tire behind my shop to shake out the standing water trapped in it so it wouldn’t be a breeding ground for mosquitos and underneath it I found the old black snake that lives around the shop. 105 more words


Lost skills

When you decide to live a more simple life there are certain things you have to learn how to do. These techniques and skills will depend on where you live and what your priorities are. 612 more words


Short order cook jeweler

I bought this cable curtain kit from Ikea and placed it on the wall next to my bench. In the morning we go through the current repairs and custom work. 89 more words


Picture of me at my first goldsmith job

Me at the bench at my first jewelry store job at Mason Jewelry Design. Back in 1990. 24 years later – same hair cut. Lol

But much cooler bench.