hard work

A lot of new buzz words are making theire way around and ciculating circles in our societies, and I would like to examine one of them. 194 more words

Giddy Up

It had been a long tough winter for the cowboy.  His day to day had turned to an endless loop of chasing his tail with sick cattle and frozen pipes. 470 more words

Business Formation

I find your lack of irony disturbing...

This morning, I found on my company’s microblog feed a post addressing the “concepts” of “smart work vs. hard work”. (Since it’s behind the firewall, I can’t share it – but that’s not the important thing, in any case.) When I started to read it, I realized three things: 107 more words

Smarter, not Harder

There’s a reason why an enormous amount of Dilbert cartoons deal with ‘working smarter, not harder’. I’m confessing to a personal pet peeve here shared (I think) by many managers. 186 more words


“There is not ONE path. There is not even the RIGHT path. There is only YOUR path and you know it’s yours by how it feels to you.” – Sue Krebs

Hello Readers!

I’m finally getting back into the groove of things and I want to thank you for bearing with me during this hard time in my life.   1,144 more words

How To Drive TRAFFIC!

My discussion on how to drive traffic mentions both free and paid methods. However, free methods require manual entry and paying to outsource can get your business automated. 55 more words

Nursing doesn't allow for snow days

One of the perks to living close (we’re talking walking distance) from work is never having to deal with commuting issues, even with wintery weather.  Even after they held me over to work 7-3 during the last big snow, I walked my little butt home to sleep in my own bed for 6 hours before going into work feeling like a zombie.  321 more words