Social Bookmarking: Anytime/Anyplace Access to Your Bookmarks

Social bookmarking is the posting of what have traditionally been called bookmarks/favorites in a browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari) to a list which is accessed via a web site ( 548 more words

Technology Integration

Peapod will help you avoid holiday food shopping crazies!!! (PEAPOD REVIEW AND COUPON)

Thanksgiving is next week! Ahhhhh!!!! If you’re like me and cooking a bunch of dishes, going to the store stresses you out.  I flippin hate crowds, I always forget something and I am always last minute shopper. 280 more words


As The Saying Goes

Under the radar you may be able to do many things. In the military and intelligence industry silence is king. Not so for everyone else who needs to make a living. 83 more words

Self Improvement