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'Dress for the job you want...' My London Wardrobe! #LucyInLondon

If you follows me on Twitter you’ll have probably have realised I’ve spent the last two weeks in London. My #LucyInLondon hashtag has been everywhere, the trip was a dream come true. 350 more words



Last week I shared my recent closet conundrum: how to make my “park and market” clothes do double duty as office appropriate. I discussed my love for blouses and how they can add polish in a pinch. 173 more words


Workweek Outfits

Hi Guys! Today’s post is all about outfits for the workweek. As a pediatrician, comfort is of the utmost importance, given that I spend the majority of my day examining squirmy babies and toddlers that are not so cooperative :) So for the longest time, I stuck to an outfit routine that was basically a uniform; same two pants, same two or three sweaters… Recently, however, I have changed that routine by obtaining some key new pieces and then realizing that a lot of my “regular clothes” can be put into use as work appropriate pieces as well. 374 more words


Fashion or Paris Street Style?

I’ve been thinking about fashion and style recently. I don’t think they are the same thing but I am also quite conflicted about the entire subject to be honest. 670 more words


Tan Pencil Skirt

This is a vital piece for every woman’s wardrobe. Especially if your in the professional and business world. Pencil Skirts are in essential in your work wardrobe. 54 more words

Wish List no.3

My Work Wear edit

The daily ‘ohmygodIhavenothingtoweartowork’ panic dance that takes place in my bedroom at 6.30am every Monday to Friday has become as much a part of my morning ritual as the tube commute and my first cup of green tea when I get to the office. 768 more words