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The Corner, The Gap, and Reprieve

Maybe Luke Will Turn The Corner

Sometimes, I think Luke will pull through his depression and other times, I think he may be stuck there for life. 476 more words


Monday, Disoriented

The last thing I do at night is check a couple weather apps, so I know what I need for the morning: rain gear? gloves? will it be too windy to ride? 139 more words


One Ringy-Dingy

After the humorous but mortifying story of shopping for my brother’s jock strap, I thought I would post a nice memory of my brother’s companionship. It comes at the end of this meandering trip down memory lane, so stroll on with me for 800 words or so. 827 more words


Time For Change

Today was an exciting day for me! Not because I stayed home sick and made cookies, even though they were delicious, but because I took the first step in something I’ve been thinking about doing for years now. 608 more words



The best sex I ever had I was covered in oil and he stuck his finger in my arse.

I hate to admit that I still love my ex-girlfriend. 205 more words

5 lessons learned when you have young parents

My parents got married when they were in their very early 20’s. I was nine months old at their wedding – yes, I was a… 724 more words


The End and Beginning

After 4 weeks, in our 40 days program at work, I decided it was time to be done. That’s 28 days, 16 classes and 4 workshops. 373 more words