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15 Things Every Great Executive Assistant Knows

1. Don’t assume anything. Ever.

2. It’s a good rule of thumb that the more brilliant the person, the more eccentric and difficult the personality. 344 more words

New job.

Everyone’s so busy, and I’m here reading a girly magazine for high school girls with break-up issues and an extensive knowledge in signature make-up products.


;_; first week blues.

Which Tribe(s) Do You Belong To?

I had the pleasure of attending Happy Black Woman’s Launch Yourself Tour last night here in Chicago and as always it was exactly where I needed to be. 283 more words


A very interesting film.

So really quickly I just wanted to share this site http://sortieenmer.com/

It really makes you work for the end.

And when you reach it, It makes you think. 20 more words

Daily Bugle

Management Lessons I Learned in Mamaw's Kitchen

Easter morning I was unable to sit down with my coffee while the kitchen CEO was on her feet. I asked for directions and stepped in when I saw stray dishes in need of drying. 176 more words

Working Women

The Science Behind a Happy Relationship

The purpose of my blog is exactly what the title suggests, Living Your Best. And a part of living our best is to be happy especially in relationships, whether they’re romantic or platonic. 55 more words


This little pig went to market...


Seriously. I leave for my event in just under 5 hours time. I have to pack the car, sort out the shopping, do a last run-through of my inventory, make sure i pack the costumes and enough clothing for three days, do a panic check, make sure I have all my medication (and spares), double check the house and then wait for the housemate to get home. 268 more words