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A Haiku for Franz

Crazy busy at work and then went out after to celebrate my mom’s birthday. Here’s a haiku in lieu of more Weaver ado. 

You never knew what… 9 more words


The future of work

Welcome to 21st Century Work (image: Ayelet Baron, Simplifying Work)

Credit: Ayelet Baron

21st Century Work


As a follow on from yesterdays post (2 posts in as many days, I’m on a roll), this video struck a chord with me. It goes that little bit further in explaining that greatness is a state of mind, not something that happens by accident. 75 more words


TTT 23.07.2014 Delayed

  1. The reason this is delayed… I fell asleep
  2. It happens when you put off blogging in till the very last minute of the day and then put the toddler to bed.
  3. 223 more words

Today & Tomorrow

Today was strangely interesting, everything from waking up late in the morning to making it late to the office because of the thousands of construction zones that popped up over night, to the heat wave and immediate 86 degrees fahrenheit weather, it was an interesting day. 579 more words

The fire has been lit

So I’m currently working on my makeup website.. The real, legit one. When it’s live I will post a link to it here.

I can’t wait till I get more pictures so I can add them on there and make it look super fancy and fresh. 67 more words