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One last thought for the day..

How can i sit and type for 5 minutes  and blog nearly 600 words then struggle to start any of my assignments. I feel like this will be a long long day.

Do you learn from your mistakes?

The one thing I have learnt in my tender years is that there is a traditional way to go about life. School, College/Sixth-form, then University, and you should always be aiming to go to the best Universities, the best colleges and the best Universities. 665 more words


No longer a geologist, not quite a woman..

So, what may seem like an ordinary day for everyone else seems to be one of the happiest days in my life. It was Wednesday and officially my last day at work. 638 more words


My first week back at work

It’s been a really hectic week, and getting up and ready and out the house for a set time is more difficult than I remember! 285 more words


Give a hand-drawn Portrait ..for christmas-By Stine Reintoft

I made this portrait of my grandfather , when i was 7 years old:-)..But i got better

You can take a look here .      . 8 more words


Thank F**k it's Friday!

So here it is, the day everyone has longed for, FRIDAY!

The mentality of “living for the weekend” is something that fills me with frustration and sadness. 393 more words

Corporate Cage

experimental music

It’s late. I’m drowsy from driving
and lifting boxes and trying
not to feel uncomfortable.
When my sweater fits like a second skin
but something grows between the layers, 309 more words