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Aligning the present-day-you with the 'dream-you'

Of late, there is this one thing that has been bugging me. Relentlessly. It is always there in the back of my mind, this thought that I’m trudging through today so that I can live tomorrow. 810 more words


By All Means, Please Take Two

Ah, so as stated from my last post, the pool has been opened for the season at my hotel.  We had an exceptionally busy night at the hotel and in the pool the other night.   215 more words

Service Desk Jockey

The Handy Hand Helper


Gloves come in different sizes to fit various size hands.  In addition to covering the hand, a typical glove contains five slots allowing each finger to be completely covered. 115 more words


Why Falling Unemployment Can Be Bad News For Everyone

More people are in work than ever before claim the DWP triumphantly as the unemployment figures show another huge rise in self-employment.  Whether these people are making any money, or whether they are pensioners with an ebay hobby, does not seem to matter as the Tories attempt to spin that Iain Duncan Smith’s welfare reforms are working. 538 more words

Welfare Reform

For mistakes you've made but you can't own

It’s an Anberlin kind of day at work. There’s really a first for everything.


15 Things That Happen When You Work With Your Best Friend

1. You share a drawer that is stocked with essentials.

Somewhere in the space you call an office — either your desk or behind their computer, or split between the two like a covert smuggling ring — the both of you have hidden a stash of the essential snacks, sweaters, hair products, and personal items one might need through the course of any given work day. 1,175 more words

Reminders Towards A Healthy Relationship

A relationship is one of the toughest yet most amazing parts of people’s lives. In today’s world every relationship is different. There are long distance relationships, relationships where the 2 parties have never met, same sex relationships, young relationships, old relationships, long lasting relationships, short relationships, there really is no limit. 462 more words