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You may remember a pretty recent post about “unplugging” where I discussed my issues with technology effecting my personal life, and my struggle to be present.   260 more words


Cadillac And Ford’s Commercials Both Got It Wrong

The two car companies’ advertisements speak volumes about workaholism in the United States.

I’m sure many of you have seen the advertisement that Cadillac debuted for the Super Bowl, and later aired throughout the Olympics. 628 more words

Brilliant Color

As I have gotten older, or should I say, as I have had more time to breathe like a fine wine, I have had less and less time.  563 more words

Hard Worker... Or Workaholic?

Though outside my area of expertise, a friend asked last year that I contribute a piece to his compilation on the subject of addiction.  Due to a variety of environmental-structural observations, I had recently become interested in the concept of workaholism… And here are the thoughts that I passed on to my friend: 440 more words



Si definisce workaholism, ed è la malattia dei tempi moderni, un fatto che in Giappone è diventato così serio tanto da allarmare le istituzioni. Il termine è stato coniato dal… 251 more words

Psicologia Del Lavoro


Our culture celebrates workaholism.  Even in college I remember hearing the conversations comparing who got the least sleep while writing a paper or studying for an exam.   482 more words