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Friends and Lovers

“Writing is a lonely job. Having someone who believes in you makes a lot of difference. They don’t have to makes speeches. Just believing is usually enough.” 325 more words

Creative Writing

Reflections On The Big 4-0

August 1st is my fortieth birthday. I always used to dread turning forty. I always saw forty as the age when a man starts to become more like his father. 2,250 more words

199. Workaholism

what we value much
goes beyond our touch
as we spend our time
killing ourself into crime

caught by job’s demand
we allow work to expand… 106 more words


Confessions of a (Recovering) Workaholic

I’ve always been passionate about my work. My career path has had its twists and turns, but my level of commitment has always been the same – nothing less than 100 percent. 1,146 more words


How to deal with workaholics

When Work is Toxic

Work life and family life are a lot like peanut butter and jelly. Sure they are vastly different ingredients, yet they combine when pressed together in a sandwich. 96 more words

Behavioral Economics

My case against workaholism.

The more I grow older, the more I feel that us humans were never meant to work a 9-5 job, which in the current century , sometimes becomes a 9-9 job or even more. 995 more words

21st Century Ramblings

Confessions of a Workaholic: First Post

This has been in the making for a while now.

I started noticing it back in 2011 when my girlfriend asked me “why do you have to work so hard?” 728 more words