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via Inc Magazine: The 7 Signs of Workaholism

Article published by Inc. Magazine. Written by Jessica Stillman. Reinterpreted by Angela Hydes.

We live in a world dominated by quick, time sensitive deliverables. Many of us that are high achievers possess the irresistible urge to have just one more look at that document, to see how we can make it better. 406 more words


The Addicted Life

The blogger Michael Segal asks an interesting question: Is ambition an addiction worth having?

As some of you know from a few earlier posts, Emmett Wilson essentially drank himself to death at age 35 on May 29, 1918. 720 more words


Overwhelmed with Yesses? Just Say No

This post is part of Lysa TerKeurst’s “The Best Yes” Blog Tour which I am delighted to be a part of along with many other inspiring bloggers.   1,078 more words

Juliet's Blog

Falling In Love- Why We Choose The Lovers We Choose...

Do you ever wonder why you keep choosing the same kind of fucked up person to date over and over again?

Do you ever wonder why even though you were so in love in the beginning the person you are with drives you crazy now and seems to be your worst nightmare? 1,144 more words


Five years ago I thought the $80,000 or so in my bank account that remained of what I had inherited from my father’s life insurance policy meant I was rich; that for at least the next year and a half I would not have to worry about earning an income and could devote all of my time to reading and writing. 1,846 more words


The seven signs that you work too hard

Many people proudly describe themselves as workaholics, part of a modern culture where long hours and no free time are a sign of being successful and needed. 514 more words

Only in America...

Only in America do we equate workaholism with virtue and view time spent at the shore or in the mountains or in the desert as time wasted — as evidence of laziness. 91 more words