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You'll soon be able to install paid apps on Android Wear as Google offers 'workaround'

If you’ve been frustrated by the fact that you can’t install paid apps on your Android Wear devices, your frustration should soon be at an end. 79 more words


'ng-grid' scrolling issue.

Hey guys

‘ng-grid’ contains one issue on scrolling with ‘up’ n ‘down’ arrow keys.


As all rows rendered on UI if we scroll the grid using “Up/Down” arrow keys, is not able to show highlighted selected row within view able part.

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Fractured FRAPS: Fixing the flickering and disappearing window issue.

I’ve been having some issues with FRAPS lately and I appear to have narrowed down the cause to the program’s inability to deal with multiple monitors on the Windows 7 Aero Desktop. 77 more words


Switching to Celsius in Google Now on desktop Chrome

I had this vexing issue where the Google Now notification would show the temperature in Fahrenheit on my desktop Chrome browser notifications. It seems that this is a… 79 more words


... need to see the last name of someone in your 3rd degree on linkedin?

For example, I don’t know this persons last name:

… but if I look at another people result from that company, I can see this: 18 more words

Adapter Pattern

Once again it sounds more difficult than it actually is.

What is an Adapter?

An Adapter sits in between two objects that cannot be changed and cannot talk to each other. 356 more words


Enabling HiDPI retina enabled fullscreen Flash videos in Firefox for Mac.

A bugbear of mine is when switching flash videos such as Youtube or Vimeo to fullscreen in OS X on my retina MacBook Pro, it switches to low resolution none-retina video and controls. 114 more words