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MsMpSvc terminates on Windows Server 2003 with defininition version

Have had various servers this morning with the Microsoft System Center Endpoint Protection Client service msmpsvc.exe terminating frequently. The service control manager restarts it but it dies again fairly quickly. 431 more words


Make Your Own T-Tracks / Fabriquer ses propres rails en T

J’ai déjà présenté cette technique lors de la réalisation d’un projet antérieur. J’ai pensé qu’elle serait plus facile à retracer en la présentant dans un article dédié. 540 more words


Why strict ordering in Puppet manifests is good for you

Non-deterministic results of Puppetruns

Having dependency problems in Puppet is a common thing. Ever seen puppet manifests to sometimes work sometimes fail? Common solution is ‘just run it again, I’m sure it will work this time’. 864 more words


MSDAORA Linked Server Workaround

I ended up installing the 32bit Oracle Client to get the Provider: OraOLEDB.Oracle

my link between 64bit SQL Server to a 32bit Oracle server works great. 241 more words

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Tweet Migration

Twitter is blocked here, and Erdoğan has vowed to ‘eradicate’ it, which reminds me of the time Ray Bradbury famously sold out all of his principles and said we should ‘burn the internet’. 98 more words


Fixing IntelliJ IDEA font glitch on Ubuntu

This post is mostly for myself to remember what changes to make in IntelliJ IDEA. The problem is that fonts are ugly and not antialized in stock-IDEA. 216 more words


Just a theory…

I won’t presume to speak for all the vast sweep of humanity, but sometimes I just hit a point in the day where no amount of additional effort is going to create any significant gains. 267 more words