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GitHub for Windows (GHfW) keeps removing entries from my .gitconfig file

Recently I’ve been using “GitHub for Windows” (GHfW) as a basic interface to my client’s corporate locally-hosted GitHub source control system. After a few months of trouble-free usage, suddenly I wasn’t able to sync changes. 252 more words


Hidden functionality of LOOKUPVALUE function

Despite described was not noticed a useful trick in functionality of the LOOKUPVALUE function – in contrast to LOOKUP in SSRS (and in probably many other systems) it returns a distinct selection of found values… 126 more words


Installing multiple SQL Server Instances on one AWS EC2 instance using the “Windows with SQL Standard” licence model

If you commission an off-the-shelf EC2 instance using (for example) ami-5a3d912d – you end up with a Windows server hosting one Instance of SQL Server 2012 Standard Edition, with the SQL licencing cost included in the running costs of the EC2 instance. 522 more words


Fix missing Roboto Regular in Adobe Programs

If Adobe programs (Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, etc.) or MS Office cannot recognize Roboto Regular. Try this:

  1. Uninstall your current Roboto font set.
  2. Download and install this new OTF font set from here.
  3. Pay forward.
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Infinite drill-down in SSRS using DAX

Despite SSRS natively doesn’t support infinite drill-down, it can be realised with a help of invisible parameter. The only disadvantage is that the solution requires server-side refresh. 261 more words


Run a specific app as a different user

I know that in most instances you can just right click (or SHIFT+RIGHT CLICK) to be able to run a specific app as a different user, but if you don’t get the option you can always: 104 more words

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