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The Average Worker Bee

Day in and day out, I punch my card by pushing that “Time In” button every Monday-Friday morning. There are many ways I could look at this in a negative light. 1,708 more words


The lifecycle of the worker bee

Today’s post is about the most humble member of the colony, the worker bee. The worker bees are the building blocks of the hive, serving all functions from nurses to cleaners and foragers to guards. 273 more words


Honey Bees do not have knees.

Did you know that around a third of our food crops are reliant on pollination by bees?

The busy bee is also responsible for honey, bees wax and collecting pollen! 864 more words

Bee Keeping

Flashback Friday: Worker Bee- Divorce Your Legs (2007)

I was torn as to what to cover for Flashback Friday this week. It was either this or Renaissance in Reverse by Maida, the band that spawned this very band. 367 more words

Flashback Friday

HIVE: What is a “Laying Worker Bee”?

12 June 2014

The Short Answer (TSA)

            To a beekeeper, a laying worker bee is a sign of trouble. “Queen” honey bees are the only fully reproductive females in a honey bee colony. 345 more words

HIVE: What is a Drone Honey Bee?

17 April 2014


            Drones are the relatively rare male honey bees found in the typical hive of female worker bees and a single female queen. 257 more words

HIVE: What is a Worker Bee?

17 April 2014


The best known “worker bee” is the worker (honey) bee. Unlike the queen bee, these female “workers” are unable to reproduce themselves. 511 more words