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No More Manic Mondays

I used to wake up hating Mondays….Of course I didn’t really hate any particular day.

I just did not like how horrible the start of a new work week made me feel. 264 more words


Let Go Of The Fear!

I’ve been silent for far too long on my blog.  This past month I’ve spent some quality time with my father in the Seattle area.  He’s decided to end chemotherapy for his cancer and enter hospice care. 454 more words


Bee number one hundred and one is both she-bee and spokes-bee—she wears many hats and is one of up to fifty thousand worker bees in a beehive. 311 more words

Worker Bee art project

I’ve recently started doing Zentangles to help me relax. This one is my current favorite, inspired after my sonnet “Worker Bee.”

Anna Grey Hogan

Bees at Work

Honey bees are hard workers, they work from dawn to dusk. Every single bee in the hive has a responsibility.

Queen Bee

Her responsibility is to keep the number of bees high enough to maintain a functioning hive. 274 more words